Seris miniguide for newcomers.

Last updated 6 months ago


Soul Forge IV
Dark Whisper III
Veil II
Fade to Black II
Bane I


Cauterize III
Morale Boost III
Kill to Heal III
Haven III
Author's Notes

Loadout for people new to Seris. Unfortunately this site still does not support 15 loadout points.

When it comes to talents, Soul Collector and Agony are fun, but healing talents are more important. So only use these when trolling or with second healer.

When it comes to your Healing ones, then, contrary to what people tell you, Void Abides is not the best pick ever. You  need to heal 3 people at a time to outheal 1 cast of Mortal Reach. This is quite rare.

Basically, you choose VA for small, meandring maps like Brightmarsh or Jaguar Falls and most onslaught maps, as 3 man heals are more common here, and Mortal Reach for everything else, as its increased range will give you superior positioning, and increased heal duration means you're contributing to fight for longer while repositioning.

Here are levels for this build:

Soul Forge V - This is a must have in any build. This card is what makes your healing so vital. There is no excuse to not pick it to lvl 5.

Dark Whisped III - This is another card that needs to be in any Seris loadout. Without this card you are too easy to track and you struggle to get into position again. You need at least level 2, but the higher the better.

Veil III - A good card to have, especially when just starting with this character. The level of this cards depends on how new you are to the game, and on how agressive you are. Level 3 is a good starting point, then adjust levels as your needs tell you.

Fade to Black III - A good card that was buffed into oblivion. Having it just lvl 3 feels so spammable. Having it more than 3 might be overkill, since you're losing point that could be used on your previous cards.

The last card is a card of your choice. Here are good suggestions:

Bane - basically allows you to combo heal->q->heal in a quick succesion with enough soul stacks. The cast time of your q is roughly 1 second, so anything above 0,5 sec in reduction with Soul Forge V is useless. Which is why lvl 1 is enough, with 2 stacks you have 0,4 sec reduction, which is almost max, and with 3 stacks you already passed the cap. 

Spirit Leech - grants you 6 ammo each full cast just with level 1. Considering you can throw up to 5 orbs before healing again, you literally never have to reload. Good against flankers, you will have full mag against them, if you are willing to fight them

Blood Pact - I use this card as 1 pointer against poke damage, so I don't need to stop attacking to heal out of that. I see a lot of people using it at high levels, and while it is strong card, I do not recommend it, as Seris is already countered by cauterize. I prefer boosting her non-healing survivability.

Ebon Dynamo - I am often away 1 or 2 orbs  from killing my target, and this basically prevents that.

Nether Siphon - 200 healing after full F is not very significant, but if you dislike options above - go for it. Just keep in mind you start regenerating your life significantly after 4 sec anyway. If you're caught out of position right after F I do not believe this 200 HP will help you though.

Umbral Gait - My favourite card, which scales up better at higher levels. Still, a decent 1 pointer. It is nice to have a survivability tool outside of your F. Increased movement speed also increases Seris burst potential, but I won't explain it here.

Cards you should never use:

Dark Sight - if you wanna know where enemy is then simple damage tick appearing on your screen from your q already tells you that. No need card for it.

Dusk Walker - Fade to Black does it better per level, can reduce CD multiple times, and is not affected by Chronos, unlike this one. And having them both is inefficient and stupid.

Essence rip - the bonus per level is just too weak to be used. At first i thought it is bonus lifesteal per stack (so at level 5 it would restore about 50% of HP per stack) and not per whole, but this is not the case. Too bad, as it could be used to counter cauterize this way without overpowering this skill.

Revenant - only really viable with Soul Collector talent, you can have like 3109 HP with this card at max. But as I said, you should not be using Soul Collector as your go-to talent.

Sorceress - It was buffed lately, but it would need to be buffed again just to be slightly viable. You already have a card that you basically never have to reload, and an ammo increasing card that is more effective than this. Why bother?

Wickedness - it needs lvl 5 to be decent, but we simply have more important cards at the moment.


Go Cauterize if your team does not have at least 3 of them. Seris is good at spreadint caut. Never go wrecker, as your damage is small. Bulldozer against CC immune ghrok, since he will destroy your ults otherwise. Deft Hands is a meme, only usable on Damba.

If not going for caut first, start with yellow items. Seris ult is powerful, so Morale Boost is your best bet. Chronos is only when you struggle with your F and Q cooldowns, it is not worth the price for slightly buffing your heal. Never go chronos 3, too expensive. Nimble and master riding are mediocre for you.

Pick blue items if you are heavily focused, item depending on who focuses you.

From green items kill2heal is the best. Healing allies now grants you elims, but, more importantly, kill2heal can proc while in F. Life rip quickly becomes useless with caut, and your damage sucks anyway. You're usually the only healer so reju is useless.

Surprisingly, veteran can work on Seris, since you might start recovering during your F. I am not sure if it is really that big of a bonus tho, so just stick to kill2heal.

General tips:

Prioritize staying alive over healing and getting killed as a result.

Try to minimalize staying in your F for full duration.

If you cannot find openings for your ults where you catch at least 2 squishies, go for solo ults that save your teammates instead. Or just trade your ult with enemy.

Remember to help your team with damaging.

You can hold your right click to use heal at earliest possible time. Be careful not to heal someone else this way.

When it comes to positioning, find 2 positions: first, the one where it is relatively safe and you can reach your teammates on at least 1 flank and  mid, and a second position, safer one, where you retreat to when attacked by flankers. The second one should at least reach mid. This is why Mortal Reach is important, and why Dark Whisper matters. In fact I dropped veil to 2 just so i can have even more Move speed in F. Now that I am experienced with her I manage to get into F succesfully, it is staying alive after leaving that matters.

Good luck.

The Abyss has blessed us.

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