Bomb King
Last updated 1 year ago


Doomsday IV
Countdown III
Accelerant III
Air Blast I
Fallout I


Wrecker III
Author's Notes

This deck is ideal for countering two-tank teams.  Accelerant and Air Blast increase your mobility with Poppy Bomb jumps; Doomsday and Countdown let you keep up constant pressure on anyone near the objective with Grumpy Bomb, and Fallout enables a slightly quicker escape once enemies shake off stun.

If there is high ground overlooking the objective, use Poppy Bomb to reach it; otherwise, jump high into the air so that you can arc Grumpy Bomb sharply vertically and land it behind their front line.  Reload before it goes off, then stick as many stunned targets as possible, detonate, and back off to do it again.

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