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Guile IV
Side Tanks IV
From Above II
Sprint I
Acumen I


Cauterize III
Morale Boost III
Author's Notes

this build is situational when you want to play  aggresive pip who like to take control mid

Guile IV - when you using Explosive Flask you gain 4 ammo, so you can spam your LMB
Side Tanks IV - Synergy with guile iV 4 sc cooldown mean you can spam LMB without worryng to reload as long you dont miss your shot
From Above II - 2 sc less cd helping pip to escape in dire situation or for chasing enemy
Sprint I - a litte speed increase very helpful to make pip survive or chasing the enemy
Acumen I -  even  tiny bit  life steal can make pip survive a bit longer

as for Item
Cauterize -  pip is aoe damage plus with your spam LMB its mean enemy will have hard time to get healed
Morale Boost -   because pip is aoe damage his ultime fast to charge in the 2nd or 3rd round you can get 100% ini 30 -40sc, its very helpful for team to take control mid

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