$5 | Anti Tank Cassie Evade

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Lunge II
Quiver I
Onslaught IV
Territorial I
Incitement IV


Chronos III
Wrecker III
Master Riding II
Nimble III
Author's Notes

This build is what I run when facing a heavy frontline setup from the enemy team. 

MAIN ABILITIES USED:   Roll, Disengage, Blast Shot

The disengage into blast shot combo is a highly effective way to remove tanks from the fight to allow separation, giving your flanks a change to engage the enemy DPS safely.

Build wrecker, because your main goal is to harass the tanks, and create that seperation.
Use your role to evade when the enemy team decides to focus you, until then use it aggressively to chase down tanks after seperation

Build master riding I, just to get you behind the enemy to create even more situational separation between the enemy frontlines and the actual objective

Chronos and Nimble are both late game cards, because at this point you will definately get called as a focus target.

I hope you've enjoyed my  AT-CASSIE guide  

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