Keep shooting

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Well Stocked I
Prodigy IV
True Grit IV
Quick Scope II
Open Season I


Aggression II
Life Rip II
Haven III
Nimble III
Author's Notes

This build make you cant stop shooting that enemy ass.

Card :

1. prodigy 4 : make you mobile while scope 

2. true grit 4 : this one why i name this "cant stop shooting"

3. quick scope 2 : i hope you know kinessa without this

4. open season 1 : you dont have six sense, even in game

5. well stocked 1 : 2 mine not enough 

Item : 

Try to see enemy before buy an item. u can learn from many match for buying item, i cant teach you for buying item.

Strategic : 

Find good place 

Drop 2 mines in mid then 1 your face

Then i dont need to teach u how to shoot enemy.

Hope all like this build.

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