Charge, Shield, reset Charge

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Unstoppable Force I
Last Stand IV
Heat Transfer II
Safe Travel IV
Pyre I


Haven III
Cauterize III
Veteran II
Master Riding I
Author's Notes

This Build is perfect for my kind of playstyle. I usually use charge when i come to the spot first, eigther to deal some dmg to the backline or to the healer. Next i turn on my shield in order to save my life, because i normally get focused when i am alone in the backline of the enemie team. when my shield gets attacked my charge resets and i gain another 1000health shield and can charge out again back to the spot to my healer/team.
You can also change the lvl 1 items. I prefer to use unstoppable to gain some knockback potential with my charge. (CARE: using the charge against a fernando shield will stop, fernando shield cannot be charged through) Using the charge against tanks, healers and other enemies like ruckus,  is most usefulthem off the point in oder to stop them from contesting. with this build you should always take a look at your abilities and lern how to time them. In 1 v 1 situations its also very effective to use the chrage, shield chrage combo.

Last Stand 4 gives me the potential to stay on the spot even longer, or even without a healer. Tipp: when using shield and not protecting your enemies with it, you can turn sideways to avoid enemies to shoot your shield effectiv. -> enemies will miss shoots on your shield (maybe hit you) but you will have a longer shield -> longer last chance regeneration.

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