Buck up your seatbelts!

Last updated 1 year ago


Stomping Ground IV
Giga Siphon III
Vigor II
Rapid Sustain II
Leg Day I


Kill to Heal III
Deft Hands III
Morale Boost III
Haven II
Author's Notes

So I wanted to share my favourite way of playing Buck.

This is a really agressive set up, which requires you to be in the middle of the action nearly all the time,

while constantly changing your position with your Leap, and using Recovery nearly every second it's up.

I prefer using 'Kill to Heal'  over Life Rip, because as you are in the middle of the fight, it's really much easier to get eliminations,

what seems to be more effective, than Lifesteal.

Thanks for reading,
Have Fun Playing Buck!

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