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Loadouts used by the community
Most Popular:
Many Gourds I
Ritual Magic I
Snake Pit IV
Eerie Presence IV
Possession II
Win Rate: 47.58% - 7,869 matches
Alternative Loadouts:
Win Rate: 54.08% - 551 matches
Win Rate: 48.22% - 4,262 matches
Win Rate: 49.48% - 3,929 matches
Win Rate: 49.57% - 2,764 matches
Professional Player Loadouts:

Submitted Build Guides:

Build guides are community submitted guides containing a card loadout and item build. The 3 with the highest amount of upvotes are displayed here. If you find a guide helpful consider upvoting it to support the author.

German / Sioux┬┤s Mal Damba Guide
1 month ago by SiouxTheStorm
The 3 In 1 Mal'damba Loadout
1 month ago by Biznasti
Three Ways to Play Mal'Damba
3 months ago by tymandude1
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