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Here's my opinion based on other tier lists, gameplays and my experience. I won't be rating Jenos. Thank you for reading. If you like this, please SMASH the thumbs up.

SS:- Nil. No champion, at least not in this patch, is able to dominate a match and guarantee a 70% win/loss. For now, there are no Lucios in Paladins.

S+: Androxus- Definitely the best Flank right now. High damage, high mobility (despite Dark Stalker rework), high defence, great burst, is there any Flank better than him?

Cassie- She's always been great. With excellent damage, exceptional mobility and a decent Ultimate, she is no doubt the best DPS in the game.

Fernando- He used to be quite bad, but following his buff in 53 and 54, he is an OP tank currently. He is capable of flanking (even better than some flanks), tanking, disrupting and ruining the day of someone else from the enemy. Definitely the most flexible Front Line.

Lian- Don't be surprised to see people complaining that she is broken. She is one of the easiest and best DPS to play currently, potentially outdoing Cassie if played well. Excellent damage, good AOE and a fantastic Ultimate.

S: Drogoz- His mobility now is laughable after the nerf but he's still great. If played well, he is still good. So, you must still "behold the dragon's fury!"

Makoa- Awesome pulling capability. Good shielding with half-shell. Swift 'out' in a shell spin. He could perhaps outdo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Seris: A versatile kit that brings damage, massive amounts of healing and survivability. She's the go-to support in Paladins.

S-: Lex- He's not at the level of Androxus, but he's one of the best Flanks. Easy to play, deals high damage, solid mobility and a powerful Ultimate.

Mal'damba- Good AOE, good healing,  good CC and a game-changing Ultimate.

Willo- This Fae seems squishy, but let your guard down, and she packs a big punch. Her dead zone is annoying and her seedlings do more damage than Skye's time bomb (with Scorn). Also, decent mobility with her "out". Best area denial in the game.

A+: Ash- She can really beat up enemies in a fight. And if really necessary, she can "out" with her shoulder bash (provided she has the "Battering Ram"  legie).

Bomb King- Despite some nerfs, he is still capable of dealing incredible damage and great CC (with Grumpy Bomb). Very good at zoning in some skilful hands.

Evie- Nerfed a little hard but still a common ban in competitive. Extremely, extremely slippery.

Ruckus- Good sustain with Emitter. People say he's slow, but his Advance provides him with quite a lot of speed. Fantastic for double tank meta.

Sha Lin- Sha Lin has slow firing rate, but with the reworked 'Shifting Sands" legie, he can easily bring down the enemies when combined with some good Impaler arrowing.

Viktor- Easy to play. High damage. Good "out" with Hustle. What else do I have to say?

Zhin- Although knocked down by other flanks like Lex and Androxus, he is still a good pick. Quite high damage. Counter is great at close range. Whirl is pretty good. Spite is decent. But what really makes him good is hands down Billow.

A: Barik- Good front line. Like Ruckus, he suits the double tank meta and is usually used to push forward and chasing down enemies in moribund. Barricade offers mitigation and turrets bring about good damage but at high levels, people understand the importance of taking out the turrets.

Grover: His recently improved axes make him a viable choice when it comes to Supports. If needed he can flank or do damage. Crippling axe is particularly strong, and even more so with deep roots.

Inara: She is a great choice for a tank but outdone by Makoa and Fernando. Good damage, good sustain, good survivability and good zoning. But her lack of mobility really hurts her.

A-: Grohk- People say that he is crap, but in the right hands, he is a great poke and deals high damage. You may think that that is all he brings to the table, but in a double healer meta, he can be godlike. Decently powerful Ultimate.

Pip- Flexible little fox. Reasonable healing, combined with his prowess at flanking and the really really annoying "Weightless", he can be great, but unfortunately not great enough.

Torvald- His powerful Ultimate and CC ability just do not make up for his shortcomings. His Runic Blast is far too short-range, he lacks too much mobility and his shields are too easily shredded with Wrecker.

B- Buck- Recovery is good, but nothing else about Buck appeals to pro players. His weapon literally shoots toothpicks.

Maeve- Mobility... Mobility... Mobility... That's about it, right?

Tyra- Good damage and AOE but no reliable escapes so very easily pinned down by flankers.

Ying- Anno-YING but healing is too low and does not make up for it with her damage. Pushed out by better healers.

C: Kinessa- Not enough mobility in Paladins' mobile gameplay. Her transporter is far too slow to be reliable and she can easily be chased down even if she escapes.

D: Skye- She's pretty, but nothing else is good.  Too easily shut down in a coordinated team and hard countered with items.

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