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Author's Notes

This is the original guide.

I am not a formal competitive player, but I do have a pretty solid understanding of the mechanics and priorities. I suppose SS would qualify as outright God-tier OP, so I won't put anything in there for now. This is more for Ranked, as Casual doesn't have the added challenge of pick order. This absence would bring most of the A- and under into the A+ category, as you don't have any priority picks to worry about.

S+ : Fernando is about as close to idiot proof as you can get. He can babysit the point, he can flank, he can chase, he has what is arguably the best ult in the game, a crap ton of HP and a personal shield card if you wish to use it.

S : Counter picks if you don't get cheeky Nando. Makoa is the next most reliable Front Line, but his kit is more geared towards offensive play and requires much more subtlety and aim than Fernando. Drogoz can almost single-handedly control choke points with his huge accurate burst damage and stay out of harm's way thanks to his great mobility. He will be mandatory if you want to burn shields and disperse opponents as fast and efficiently as possible. Also, his OHK ult comes in handy against unkillable tanks. Androxus is the best flanker, with a very consistent movement skill (which heals him with the right card) and a strong hitscan damage. A good Andro will be an absolute nightmare for any team bursting down Damages effortlessly.

S- :  Cassie has one of the highest damage outputs and is well prepared for any situation. She can easily escape or outclass most flankers (well, minus Androxus, with whom she's more on-par depending on who catches who first). Her ult is insanely strong with good players who can take advantage of this temporary wallhack. Her CC is mediocre at best, which puts her a slight notch under Drogoz. Grohk, Mal Damba and Ying are the three best healers, with different strengths and caveats. Ying is the power healer, Grohk is the best multi-tank healer with Healing Rain, focusing on staying power and bodyguard duties, and Mal Damba is more geared towards point pressure, CC and single target burst heals.


From there, we can start mixing things up.

A+ : Solid picks to make up for the caveats of your team's initial choices. Viktor is similar to Drogoz in purpose but with a mediocre escape (even if it's infinite), which makes him much more vulnerable to flankers (especially Androxus, who will smash your shit with extreme prejudice on your every mistake). His kit and ult are otherwise very powerful, and is a great counter to an airborne Drogoz (hitscan vs projectile, ground vs air). Bomb King can deliver enormous punishment in skilled hands, with the best zoning kit in the game hands down (Poppy, Grumpy, King bombs), and massive damage potential. His stickies are harder to land however, and his big size and limited mobility make him an easy target. Pip is a funny one. He's your all-round "odd jobs" champion, with decent burst heals and mobility, strong damage, reliable CC, and most of all a devastating ult that can turn the tables in the middle of a fight.

A : Situational picks, good in some settings, with big downsides in others. Barik has been hit hard by the nerf stick, so turret lord builds won't carry you as much. Instead, play around his barricade more to do well. He'll perform best on maps where turrets can cover the objective and keep flankers at bay (making his shield more effective), or if your team is going for a double tank lineup like Makoa/Barik. But with Bulldozer being a thing, don't get your hopes too high. Buck is definitely far from bad, and you could argue that he could be higher in this list, especially in Casual, thanks to his big health pool and broken regen. But in Ranked, you're simply better off picking Androxus on flanks first (faster reloads, better ult), a Pip roaming around (extra heals, CC) or a double Damage comp (more frontline pressure). In short, he's very strong, but there are higher priority picks before him (unless you really, really need a hitscan flank and couldn't pick Andro). Grover's strengths lie in his ult and his Cripple, which outright blocks movement abilities for an easy focus of squishies. But his weapon is inconsistent (yet potentially strong) and his healing is unreliable. The latter is too easily countered by cauterise, and forces him to expose himself, without having the survivability skills of Grohk. As for Sha Lin, he is relatively average, with his only outstanding gimmick being his Planted ability. The latter, along with his 1k damage arrows, are amazing at surprise-melting shields and non-tanks. Otherwise, he cannot be played as aggressively as a Cassie, requiring instead a more defensive and patient playstyle in the back line. Also, as people wise up, his escape's predictability problem will only get worse. Evie has a good kit and the best mobility in the game. She can be a real pest in skilled hands. However, her ice block is lacklustre and somewhat unreliable. Smart opponents simply have to wait for it to end to finish you off. What is supposed to save your skin ends up putting it in jeopardy. This would be less of a problem if you didn't also have the lowest health pool in the game and the highest skill ceiling.

A- : Gimmick picks. You may get away with those maybe a few times if you're lucky. Ruckus has insane damage and I personally love playing him. But his sustain is poorly implemented, which makes him unsuitable for pure front line duty where the likelihood of getting focused is very high. And even if you go for a double FL, Barik offers more utility on some maps like Ice Guard or Fish Market. Do note that he can be more effective on Payload, where the objective is consistently present. He can be summed up as a shootier, slower and bulkier version of Viktor. If you feel like spicing things up and don't want to go Vik, you can pick Ruckus.  Kinessa is only useful on some maps where flanking her is either hard or impractical (Timber Mill, Ice Mine). Otherwise, she's just a free kill for flankers.

B- : Troll picks against good players who stick together and focus fire. They will slay disorganised baddies, but so will anything else in this list.









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