Patch 4088- Most helpful champs.
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Author's Notes

We got Fernando as the best solo Front Line and he can flank too if used correctly. If you combine it with other Front Line (MUST be Makoa or Barik) you can use it as Killer.


In S+ we got Mal'Damba, the best healer, but ONLY if you are good with him. You MUST have a very good aim to hit the enemy team with the reload snake and to hit your teammates with the healing. But, moreover, he got the Gourd, throwing it on the correct areas deal a good DMG and a very good healing. He can escape good from the bullets cause he's very thin. If you don't have a very good aim with Mal'Damba, use Ying or Grover as main heal champion.

We got Cassie too. She can do tons of damage and with Wrecker III you can destroy shields very very easy. She deals direct and fast damage and can use her escape ability a lot of times. She can throw enemies away too, so she's even better when you play a map that allows you to throw and kill an enemy. She can reduce the healing by 50% for 3s. too. If you got good aim, do not doubt: Cassie.


Now we can see Makoa in S. He is the second best Front Line, he don't have the best shield, but he deals lots of damage specially using the Dredge Anchor. As far as he can hit the enemies from a mid distance, he can stay on Mal'Damba's Gourd while he shots the enemy or even he can use the Dredge Anchor to put the enemy over the Gourd, doing even more damage. When he has low HP, he can revive himself and fight more time using the Ultimate. That Ultimate allows you to use the other abilities, like the Spin and the Dredge Anchor to destroy the enemy players like insects. If you make a DoubleTank-Team with Makoa & Fernando, you got, at least, half of the match. You can use the Dredge Anchor to throw enemies off the map, is a very important character.


In S- is Ying, it's not a secret; she heals a lot, she deals good damage and she have a good escape ability. You must use your Illusions right and even better your escape ability, which is very important on the Ying's playstyle. Ying doesn't need the best aim, but hitting all the shots deals extra damage.

Evie is the best flank, but only if you can combine and use her Q and F very fast without getting crazy, and even hitting the enemies with your weapon, which deals incredibly 930dmg. per shot. You'll need so much hours to master this character, but it worth's it.

Pip, the damager-flanker-healer. A very versatile champion, he can do a lot of things, but if you are good with him, you should know that Pip is mainly for hunt enemies. He deals a very good damage, he is fast, he can heal himself and teammates and he can even slow down enemies. Using it as main healer is a mistake. Pip works better as "Flank".

Sha Linwith a good aim, is just fucking awesome. He deals freakish amounts of damage, combine his ability to stunt and enemy and then shot him or Q him. Sha Lin, with Wrecker+Q, can DESTROY any shield in just 2 seconds, and he got  a good escape ability, that allows you to shot the enemy too. But, I want to say it again: YOU MUST HAVE VERY GOOD AIM to pick Sha Lin.

We got Drogoz too. Ludicrous high DMG and with Wrecker III you can destroy shields very very easy. He deals area DMG and can fly over the enemy Front Line to avoid the shield. He MUST use the Fire Spit, it deals a high DMG and it throws the enemies away, so it can give you the point in a 99%-99% fight. Do not forget to use the right cards to reduce the cooldown of Fire Spit and to fly with more flight-control. Drogoz is then, a very good Damage-Dealer.

Buck is another good flank, in my oppinion. He deals very good damage, he can jump often and he can heal himself. Those things, but adding some details; you don't need a good aim to play with him, you have 3000HP., and you can even slow down an enemy with the net shot. The other side of the coin is that with cauterize, Buck becames worse, but it's your choice.


We reached A+, we can found 2 secondary Front-Liners and a healer.

Ruckus is a interesting character, you should combine it with another Front-Line and then set free one of them to use it as Damage or Flank. Ruckus is a good Damage Dealer, if it's healed right, he can stand alive and shoting for a long time. It's not recommended to use Ruckus as main Front-Line.

Barik is a decent Front-Line, good with those turrets, dealing good damage from near and with the right cards, he can spam shields. Is just that, a Front-Line.

Grover is a healer that can snipe too. His axes are powerful from far, and he is good at healing, but his escape ability is not the best. On this patch he got 3000HP., it's a good amount of health points for a healer. The axes are not slow, but they're not very very fast either. I think that Mal'Damba and Ying are better main-healing options.


Bomb King is a very annoying character. He break shields fast and easy, and his Grumpy Bomb it's useful when capturing the point, and he can throw away enemies very far, but in my oppinion, this is not the best damage character. He can be easily killed by flanks like Evie.

The rest of the characters simply got a worse a contribution to the team. At least, for me.

BUT I got some recommendations:
- Use Grohk if you already got 1 healer in your team, because Grohk can be played as damage character with healing ability. It's a good choice to try something different. Grohk's damage is high and with the self-healing totem you can do it well.
- Androxus could be a great Cassie-Evie-Drogoz-Sha Lin counter. Do not discard it completely, but I think that there are better options than him.
- If you are not GOD with your aim, Kinessa is not for you.








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