OB38 Tierlist w/ extended notes
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Author's Notes

This tierlist was originally published for OB37 on November 18 and updated for OB38 on November 22

***This has been updated for OB38. However, since OB38 was a minor patch, there isn't too much of a difference***

This is for intermediate - advanced players and for CASUAL SIEGE ONLY

I have other tierlists for Payload mode and competitive coming out shortly. This tierlist does not apply to players under lvl 10 (approx) due to some characters (i.e. Skye) who are bad in higher level play but good when everyone is new to the game. 
SS/S+/S - No champions here, and that's good! More champions concentrated around ranks means the game is more balanced :)

S- - Here sits Fernando, who is still the best tank after the nerfs (fireball and charge), although he is long removed from his reign as the ultimate number one pick. His shielding is still the best of all the tank, although it's easily shredded after the new wrecker update which was provided to dampen the current dual tank meta. His fireball is still good crowd control, although the damage nerfs are annoying. However, the charge nerf is easily the worst as many Fernando builds were based on Safe Travel, and it was the main reason why I brought him down from S tier. His ult is still very good and counters most other ults (i.e. Skye, Drogoz, Bomb King, etc.) Drogoz  is also S- tier due to him countering the two tank meta with amazing 900 splash damage. His fire spit is pretty easy to hit and deal good knockback. His thrust is his main supporting ability that allows him to hit multiple targets at a time, and his Salvo completely shreds through shields. His ult got nerfed by 1 second, which isn't bad, and it's still not hard to land and OKO another champion instantly. The last S- character is Androxus, who has great damage with his revolver and defiance, and has a unique tankiness with reversal. His movement is second only to Evie and his ult is devastating, dealing up to 4000 splash(!) damage.

A+ - Ying is the only champion I put in A+, as she is arguably the best healer with her illusions, even though they did get nerfed. Her movement ability can be a quick escape in certain scenarios, as it often confuses the enemy. I see a lot of people who don't know how to play use spam shatter, and they can still do well because shatter deals pretty good damage at 500 splash with the added benefit of tracking. Her ult is less useful for casual because there isn't much communication and her ult's handiness really comes in when she needs to heal someone further away, like a flank about to die or if she's far away from the point. Overall however, she is the best healer in casual because there isn't many people who buy Bulldozer or Cauterize.

A - Four champions sit at A tier, the first being Bomb King. He has great kill abilities, just needing to land two bombs on average to kill a squishy. His grumpy bomb is possibly the best crowd control in the game and his poppy bomb can be used for knocking back enemies (i.e. from a payload push) or making an escape. The fact that his bombs instantly do 900 damage when hitting a shield is insane, especially if you combine that with the newly buffed wrecker. His ult is pretty good, but deals less damage than some other ults. It makes up for it by stunning and destroying all shields, however. Next on the A tier is Mal'Damba, who is a very good healer, and can be better than Ying is certain situations. In casual however, his ult is his weakness due to a lack of team coordination. His movement ability is pretty good, but short. You would need a few cards to bolster slither to the point where it can be consistently counted on to make an escape. His RMB heal is insanely good, as it can heal long distance and has a cooldown of just 3 seconds. His gourd is dual purpose, as it is used for crowd control and healing. Ultimately, Mal'Damba would be higher on the tier if it wasn't casual mode, where you can't really depend on your teammates to combo with Mal'Damba's ult. Next on the A tier is Makoa. Makoa is a very good tank, his anchor being the highlight of his overall build. Reeling in a weak enemy such as a Viktor who is trying to run away with more often than not result in their death. His shield is okay at best, and it doesn't help that enemies can just go into your shield and hit you. Makoa's movement ability is average, as is his ult. Basically, the only really good thing about Makoa's ult is that he gains so much health. If your about to die, just ult and you get basically all your health back. His chain doesn't do a ton of damage though. Buck is the last one on the A tier. His weapon is his weakness as it doesn't do a lot of damage. However, net shot makes up for it and slows the enemy. Buck's movement isn't that good, but it has a 4 second cooldown, making it very useful. His q is his highlight, as no other non-support as healing abilities. His ult isn't great, but can take out one or two champions solo.

A- The A- tier is crowed, and features 5 champions. First, Sha Lin, the newest champion to join the ranks. His bow does do a lot of damage, but it's really not viable to use him to try and kill enemies, due to his slow fire rate. His impaler arrow is good only on certain maps, for instance, Timber Mill because there are lots of walls. Planted is easily his spotlight ability, although it has a lengthy cooldown. Planted reminds me of a mini Hexa Fire. Sha Lin's movement ability is something I'm at odds with. It's great for escaping, but less so if you want to get somewhere, as it makes you go backwards. Sha Lin's ult is better than expected, but still average. It doesn't depend on any other allies to follow up, and makes Sha Lin into an impressive solo killer. Next is Cassie, who would be one of the top champions with a reliable team. She has great DPS and with no recoil, she's easy to play. Her dodge roll combined with incitement makes her a okay flank, too. However, her ultimate is possibly the most useless without a team. With a team, knowing the locations of enemies may be a huge advantage, but I've seen little use of Cassie's ult in casual. Next on A- is a support, Grohk. I like to see Grohk and the standard, most balanced champion. He has average DPS, a pretty bad RMB because it requires more than one enemy to use it to its maximum effect. His healing totem is very good, but it's easily destroyed by a smart team. However, I rarely even see anyone in casual targeting it due to lack of communication. His ghost walk is an average movement ability. It can save you by making you untargetable, but it also doesn't get you far. His ult is terrible, however, with limited targets, very little damage, and only healing 2 targets at a time.  Viktor is another A- tier, known for being the easiest champion to play. He has massive damage potential, and can deal 1300 DPS. His frag grenade deals good splash damage, but can be hard to time due to a delayed explosion. Viktor has unlimited movement, a highlight of his. However, Viktor can be very easily countered. Just get out of his line of sight. His ult basically incapacitates him and if the enemy is any good, they'll just get out of the way before Viktor can hit them twice. Now for the final champion. I know that many of you reading this will be sore assholes when I tell you that Pip is a good champion. Hear me out. Pip is a terrible healer. I give him a F. However, if you build Pip around explosive flask and use him as a flank, Pip can compete with the best of them. His potions have no falloff, and deal splash. His explosive flask is a huge slow and makes Pip next shot hit deal more damage. Pip's healing potion has a very short cooldown and now with the healing buff, heal for 1200. Pip movement isn't great for getting away, but is very good when on the offensive, as Pip can still attack during it and is very hard to hit. Pip's ult is more suitable with a team to combo, but even without a coordinated team any team can do massive damage to the other team as chickens.

B - Time to get to the below average champions, and here we have 2. The first is Kinessa. Kinessa is great at dealing long range damage and picking off enemies, although she doesn't have much potential for doing high damage. More often than not, she'll be just be feeding a Skye or an Evie due to her terrible movement ability. Transporter literally goes nowhere. Her ultimate, however, gives her a much needed boost. I believe her ult to be one of the best in the game, and highly skilled Kinessa or anyone with good aim, really, can get a triple kill or more off with her ult. Next on the B tier is Barik, who is the tank with the least health. His movement ability is pretty bad, as is his shield, which is weak and doesn't last for long. However, his turrets are his signature ability, and it's what makes him viable. With healing station, Barik is a lasting threat is he's left alone for even a few moments.  However, with the healing station nerf, I am pretty tempted to move Barik to C tier, if he wasn't so much better than the champions in that tier. Barik is a B- tier choose that you wouldn't want to pick unless you were certain that you had a top of the line healer or another tank to back you up. Barik's ult is however, pretty bad. It's very short and doesn't do that much damage.

C - Now for my favorite part, these are the champions that are just bad. First through the door is Grover, who is good at healing with Blossom, but his kit fights itself. His long range axes doesn't bode well with his short range heals, and his relative tankiness doesn't work out with his support role. Take note of his health nerf too, which further increases the argument against using him. His ultimate is really good, as it can save an entire team from an enemy ult. His movement is okay, and it's certainly useful for getting out of situations fast, but while you're doing that, you're probably leaving your team's tank to die. Evie is the next C tier. Evie, oh Evie. She used to be so good, but a couple of nerfs later and she's in the doghouse. Not being able to blink in Ice Block is huge, as, more often than not, the instant she gets out she'll be hit by the full force of the enemy fire and die quickly. Her movement is still her high point with not one but two movement abilities, both for them great, but it's at the cost of damage. Her only source of damage comes from her basic attack and her ult, which just isn't enough. Speaking of her ult, it's really just bad in casual when you don't have a coordinated team to take advantage of it. Lastly, Ruckus rounds out C tier. I think Ruckus is great at damage, and he boasts one of the highest DPS in the game. However, he's really bad at doing what he was designed to do, tank. His emitter is a pretty bad shield as it only protects himself and it's really still not great. His repulser field is probably his best tank ability, but not in casual, where your team of randoms will likely run off the point if they start to take damage. Ruckus's movement ability is barely viable, but having two charges helps a lot. Ruckus's ult seems pretty good, but he basically cannot move during it. The most viable strategy during Hexa Fire is to stand on a moving payload, or the enemy team will just run away and hide. 

D - And we reach the basement. Hello Skye! Repeat after me: Skye is the worst champion in the game. I honestly don't see why she's played so much as she does virtually no damage and can only feed off careless Kinessas. Even with the poison bolt bonus, enemies can easily get away or retaliate. Her hidden is bad because any good player can see her when she comes closer. Her smoke bomb is okay, but it has so little range. Her ultimate used to be good, but it sucks now, even in casual because of the dropoff and how easy it is to notice. She's bad. End.

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