Patch 2.01
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Author's Notes

SS = Makoa: Hook and 25% plus healing on cards, must ban/pick

S+ = Inara: Best point tank in the game and she isn't getting nerfed in this patch

            Cassie: Solid dmg output, ammo regen if you hit the blast shot, and can have up to 2450 hp. The best dmg for who's capable of hitting her shots

            Mal'Damba: Best healer undisputed, He has ton of cc in his base kit, and now his gourd can have life rip built into it

            Dredge: (quew quew quew) Flies away. Who had the idea of giving him such high potential mobility

S = Bomb King: He got fucked by the CC reduction cards, now they are gone. If you have the aim and ping required to play him... go for it

        Evie: Best flanker in the game now with most of the burst meta gone, what makes her not be s+ is her high skill floor and low base hp

        Lian: With death and taxes gone, she's not what she used to be anymore, she stays in S because of her anti-flank capabilities and being one the best hitscanners in the game

S- = Ash: She can spread a lot of caut, has a pretty good "bullying" capability and can alternate her playstyle between being an off tank or a main tank. Pretty solid pick

          Androxus: Poor andro, with his punch dmg and cards getting nerfed (thx god) He won't have that absurd diving capability that he had before with his punch reset, but He still has one of the best dps in the game, and He also has a huge skill ceiling, wich means you can fuck the other team if you're good enough (just like evie)

          Furia: Better than ying because of her dmg output and anti-flank capability

          Ying: No more the queen of healing, still pretty good though imo

A+ = Drogoz: You'll have to choose between damage or mobility, He's too fat and can be easily taken down by a hitscanner

            Barik: His big problem is now solved, He can have up to 4100 hp, pretty good tank tbh

            Pip: Pip is one of the champions that benefits the most of the early caut and cc reduction being gone, If He's playing the healing role, he can have chronos and moral boost at the same time, wich is great, if he's playing the dps role, He can have moral boost and nimble, wiich is also great. Good pick for this patch. And please hirez, give me mischief back

            Seris: Mortal reach + the void abides = good. She has one of the best ultimates in the game but she still lacks in the anti-flank sector

             Torvald: With the early caut gone, people won't be getting high levels of wrecker as soon as the game starts

              Grover: They removed efflorescence, but the huge radius has gone to his base kit (honestly, nobody cares about the passive healing, it was all about the radius), his ultimate will have huge valor in the late game, since the built-in caut is gone

            Tyra: I'll probably regret putting her too high in this tierlist, but the new Mercy Kill plus dmg reduction card is insane

A = Khan: They could have at least not removed Firing Line from him, now He's a shade of what he used to be, having a pretty dificult to hit ultimate and inconsistent dmg output

        Ruckus: Now people will buy wrecker in the late game (prob), since caut is much more important. He's got some good dps, good off-tank overall

        Zhin: He's definetly better than what he was with the buff on his counter

        Grohk: Stop picking him in every map vs every comp pls. Yes, He does a lot of damage, but he's heavily countered by blasters, not a top pick if you have them against you

        Terminus: The only thing that made him really good (even with all the bugs) was the fact that his siphon had no cooldown, they traded his bug fixes for a huge nerf (3 sec cooldown on power siphon), if the siphon had no cooldown, He would be S or S+

         Buck: The early caut is gone, even though he still suffers from the nerfs to his dmg reduction/healing boost cards

         Talus: The caut is gone, but He still has a huge dps with his overcharge

         Fernando: Idk what was in the mind of the balancing team when they decided to nerf fernando this hard, his Scorch legendary in shit, just like the other 2. He's not in B/C Tier because of the rejuvenate via cards and his ultimate. Goodbye Fernando, You'll always be in my heart

          Tyra: Yeah, her new legendary is nuts, but She still has no mobility

A- = Viktor: They nerfed everything that made him good, first shrapnel and then firefight. But He still has a high dps at base (one of the highest actually)

           Jenos: 5% isn't enough, he's shit at sustaining tanks, don't pick him unless you want the dmg boost

            Kinessa: Eagle eye got nerfed, but unauthorized use got removed, so. She's better than Strix because she can cancel the intervals between a fully charged shot

            Sha Lin: Poise lvl 5 +  Wanderlust 4 + Nimble 2 = Win, He can do some work since he has a high dmg per shot and he can shoot most of the targets from far away, but his best legendary got nerfed some patches ago, so He's not what he used to be, and illuminate is cheaper now

            Maeve: Cool buff for her nine lives ability, but she still lacks the dmg needed for such a fragile character that she is

            Strix: His 24/7 reveal legendary got removed, he's not as busted as He was before, but He can deal some significant damage if nobody goes for him

            Skye: No, she's not good. The only thing she's capable of right now is to melt tanks with the debilitate legendary, but She suffers to kill squishy targets with the removal of the old smoke and dagger and illuminate got cheaper, so She can get focused down pretty hard. Honestly, there's no reason for you to pick her atm

            Lex: No vertical mobility, and loud footsteps

B = Vivian: High dmg output, but no mobility, and sapper rounds got removed. She's a free kill for flanks

        Koga: They buffed his claws but nerfed his guns, you can hear him from the other side of the map, wait for hirez to buff his gun

        Willo: Blastflower is shit for defending yourself and her deadzone got nerfed pretty hard. The worst blaster in the game atm

C = Moji: there's no Z tier for me to put her, sorry

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