2.02 Tier List (Casual Mode)
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Author's Notes

Terminus: He needs to have his ultimate visual bug fixed. He can "move" as he is using his ultimate which can really throw off players with figuring out where his original explosion point is. Also when played correctly and well, Terminus almost always guarantees a team will win the midpoint battle since he is extremely tanky, can't be countered by Wrecker, and fighting him in close range to contest him off point will either lead to him out-stalling or getting hit hard by his CC attacks and melee swings. This is the only Champion I would currently say is somewhat "broken/overpowered." He can still be faced and beaten but it takes so much effort and not as much from the Terminus' end. 

Nerf Suggestions: (1) Fix his ultimate visual bug. (2) Add an actual HP limit to Power Siphon. This would seemingly ruin his key, signature shield but remember: Wrecker can never affect it. So a 5000 HP/Damage limit (or whatever number) is still way stronger than other Frontlines who have 5000 HP in a barrier/shield as Wrecker affects them. 


S Tier: Champions who aren't OP or anything like that; rather, they have a very high influence on matches and most importantly are very versatile or difficult to hard-counter. These Champions are worth mastering--in my opinion--if you are looking to enter Ranked Mode. They'll work in almost every line-up and scenario and are simply very amazing Champions. The best part? They're all relatively balanced--though in the hands of a good player, she/he will definitely make them feel OP.

Ying has massive healing output and extremely high survivability. She also puts out a decent amount of damage for a support. Her ultimate is also key to winning midpoint skirmishes or getting back into combat after a death and reclaiming momentum. 

MalDamba can put out strong heals but most importantly is his CC kit. His ultimate can guarantee a pick or two or can stall a point for a few more seconds. His reliable stun makes him force careful positioning from enemies and serve well as a Flank defense. 

Furia is an off-healer in that you don't exactly want her being the only solo support. But, she can still do well solo but I highly recommend pairing her with Grohk or Grover or Pip as that fixes heals and your team now has a very strong damage output. Furia excels in that she functions similarly to Jenos but does everything better. She can heal as much if not more than Jenos, but she still has the CC he brings but in a far safer manner with there being more distance and an actual stun versus a hold. Most importantly. unlike Jenos, Furia's DPS is insanely high for a support. She can duel out Flanks--more so if she hits her stun and escape. Her ultimate is also great for midpoint skirmishes or ensuring a quick escape and re-take. 

Strix has the range of Kinessa but far more flexibility and ease. He works very well as a constant quick-scoping Champion who can put constant burst damage on the field. He also has decent survivability with his Stealth. A key hitscan Champion for when you need the range and hitscan denial. Harder to master but once a Strix can consistently land quick-scope 1200 damage shots no matter the range--far or in his face--he is definitely a top tier Damage Champion.

Lian is a hitscan Champion with massive burst-kill-combo potential. While she lacks longer range engagements, she is meant for close-medium range fights where she can output solid, sudden damage and has extremely high mobility to either chase or escape. If she hits her abilities on you and decides to chase, there honestly is minimal counter-play unless if teammates interfere. Her ultimate is also extremely powerful and reliable as a form of 1-vs-1 duels; her ultimate ensures she stays alive all while killing her enemy who otherwise would have won the 1 vs 1. And the best part? She gets 50% charge back if the ultimate lands the killing blow. With good Lian players, they'll seldom lose 1 vs 1 battles and yet have the Damage role capacity of medium-range damage/harassment. Overall, very high kill-secure potential and solid initiation/escape and strong damage still. 

Evie is an extremely powerful Flank Champion. Unlike all of the other Flank Champions, Evie has the most defensive kit all while packing massive kill-secure. With her dual Blink from the Wormhole talent, Evie can safely engage for a kill-secure and Blink right back to safety. CC is also a minimal threat to her given that she has Ice Block and likewise anything that would otherwise do massive damage to her in one sweep (such as ultimates or Lian's charged attack or an arrow from Sha Lin, etc.) Evie definitely takes a lot of practice and skill, but she is definitely one of the few Flanks--if not the only Flank--that is sincerely elusive and can play on her own terms. 

Khan/Makoa are your general Frontline tanks who excel unlike the other Frontlines in that they both have heavy defense and staling capabilities and yet, can output massive damage when needed. In some ways, they work almost as a mix of Damage and Frontline but without compromising too much of either roles. This makes these Champions very versatile and that's what matters. When more defensive play is needed, they can do both. When more offensive play is needed, they can do both--and similarly, so can Terminus.  While Ash and Fernando and other Frontlines can do similarly things, the issue is that Khan and Makoa will generally do it but to a better degree: Ash can stall hard, but her damage is heavily held back in order to balance out her strong tanking; Inara is queen of midpoint stalling, but she can't get as aggressive with picks if the team needs it. (Khan can use Bullet Storm and gun down non-Frontlines while Makoa can literally hook them or spin to enemies out. At most, Inara can merely block people in.)

Torvald is also a top-tier tank in that as an off-tank, he really helps solidify a team. His shielding forces the enemy to spend their Credits more wisely but unlike having two Frontlines take extra damage and thus, extra healing, Torvald has the ability to help keep up equal pressure via shielding bubbles all while taking less damage than a traditional secondary Frontline. 


A+/A Tier: Balanced Champions but unlike S Tier Champions, they all have a very noticeable counter or weak point. But, these are all reliable Champions to master and are quite enjoyable. The difference between A and A+ is that the A+ Champions are slightly more solidified with being able to handle their counters. But those counters still do exist and can really hamper the Champion's influence on a match.

[More for each individual Champion later.]


B Tier: These Champions aren't exactly underpowered to the point of being dead-weight; however, these Champions tend to be more challenging to master and almost have a slight "upgrade" in the form of other Champions. That said, if these Champions fit a player's particular play style, they will definitely do well and by no means should these Champions be overlooked as weak or useless. 

Viktor: Coincidentally to him being an "entry-Champion" the same way Soldier 76 is in Overwatch, both have a common theme as well: Massive damage output, but minimal kill-secure potential. What does this mean? Unlike the rest of the Champions above B Tier where you can run them in any team line-up, Viktor needs specific ally Champions to truly shine. He can output massive hitscan pressure but additionally has an AOE threat as well. The thing is, it is easy to escape from him or pressure him out via close-range duels or hard zoning as only his grenade provides peek-shooting safety. So how do you make Viktor work? You need a teammate who can kill-secure on enemies who will generally always be 75% HP due to Viktor's constant pressure. So a Flank teammate helps or anyone with solid burst damage such as Lian and Strix. Another way to make Viktor more effective is to protect him. Obviously the downside--and hence, why he's a B Tier--is that the whole team dynamic has to change for one Champion. But, pressure out enemies and make sure Viktor has access to a Support or someone to react quickly if someone attempts to fight Viktor. Treat him in some ways like a sentry gun. I personally would be interested in the Cardio talent being reworked to simply provide Viktor with a healing burst grenade. This way, Viktor could gain a very niche role of being a Damage Champion with minimal Support capabilities--unique, and it might help compensate of Viktor's lack of kill-secure in that he does heavy damage but also can heal himself and allies.

Moji: Limited by her lacking mobility, Moji works well when the right circumstances are in her place: Close-range and enemies who attack her Barrier. Her main issue, of course, is simply getting into range and those scenarios. A simple buff might be to simply give her two charges of her dash. This would also give her the option of escaping after a kill. Overall. she can work but she has a very niche role which makes her far more difficult to use. 

Maeve: An extremely fun Champion but, like Moji, she somewhat struggles with mobility. She has decent defensiveness via heals in many of her abilities and can output solid pressure from quite a safe distance. What she needs, though, is perhaps two charges on her Pounce ability and everything else would most likely fall into place and shift her to an A Tier Champion.










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