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Patch 2.4

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Free Agent - NA


Viktor Viktor
Khan Khan
Inara Inara
Tyra Tyra
Maeve Maeve
Drogoz Drogoz
Jenos Jenos

Guaranteed to be a cornerstone on any team from start to finish. No team structure required - Error after Error can be forgiven or taken out of the equation.
Heal through the walls. GG


Koga Koga
Talus Talus
Vivian Vivian
Skye Skye
Terminus Terminus

Guaranteed to be a high threat on any team from start to finish. No team structure required - The 2 flanks can be so dominant that straying from team path to recover isn't even a thought process more-so than flanking to begin with.


Kinessa Kinessa
Strix Strix
Cassie Cassie
Lian Lian
Dredge Dredge

More often than not - expect a high ratio / killing sprees / all-game pressure without team structure required.


Moji Moji
Barik Barik
Ash Ash
Seris Seris
Furia Furia
Io Io
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba

The same with the above mentioned in all S- - SS tiers. These can start to have issues with team structure though, but doesn't hold them back from being a shifting piece on the team.

The Healers, as far as healing goes - can't heal through walls unlike Jenos - so theres going to be a lot of team error.
I'd rank them C or B if we're talking about strategic difficulty of healing capability or skillcap


Ruckus Ruckus
Makoa Makoa
Bomb King Bomb King
Willo Willo
Androxus Androxus
Lex Lex
Zhin Zhin
Imani Imani

These rarely fall into team structure unless everyone is playing @ a B- skill or above. Can cause a lot of issues otherwise.


Sha Lin Sha Lin
Ying Ying
Grohk Grohk

Ying's illusions take too long to start healing once spawned. Shatter's radius is very small.
Sha Lin offers less capability and viability compared to other's similar. ie: Kassie who can drop tanks quickly
Grohk without going into the healing talent, has to rely on the Healing Totem which is such a small radius and CD isn't viable.


Fernando Fernando
Buck Buck
Grover Grover
Torvald Torvald

Too much team orientation for the first 3 - Range issues - Range issues for Grover's Healing.
Torvold has great capability but when compared to other tanks - Wrecker takes away anything he can bring to the table.


Pip Pip
Atlas Atlas

Not very good choices at all.
Pip has too much reliance with damage to barely be considered a healer - the radius is a difficult hit marker even without an ally moving in close range.
Atlas dies very fast at times too often


Evie Evie

No Survivability - No cards to accommodate
Movement Speed maxed out is not going to make a shot anymore difficult as even 50%+ is basically jogging speed or slower than Viktor's Hustle.
No Crowd Control - Countered by Tyra's Molotov silencing as if elemental Lore even made sense to that.
Opting for Snowglobe and 3x Morale Boost is not going to outweigh the reality of instantly dying everytime to do it in almost complete certainty everytime.
Fire Rate - Lower from 1sec to 0.5-0.75 / 30%-50% Slow

Something you would expect a lot from for magical/wizard characters or there own Class tab for that matter.
or what you spec into / build as hybrid


Skillcap Summary

100% Movement Speed Increase
30% Map Size Increase
Auto-Classing - ie: Wizards/Hybrid Specs
All CC still allows skill capability
(ie: Chickens/Stuns/Etc changed)
10 Cards - 35 Loadout Points

Nimble - 25% Incraments
Haven - 15% Incraments
Cauter - 25% Incraments
Liferip - 20% Incraments

2nd Item - 500 Points
3rd Item - 600 Points

More Items
More Characters
(Currently 42) -
Why not break Mortal Kombat Armageddon @ 62.
Which for some reason feels like a lot more from 42-62
Latency Compensation Improvement - ie: Dying in Ice Blocks / Auto-Fire Around Corners / Recoil'd Headshot assists / Etc

As the game stands now its in the balance of 'Legendary Arcade Leisure' to 'Top-Tier Best Arcade Shooter Ever Made' if these things are completed. Very slept on even with the plentiful population it has.

Notable Moves/Talents to Rework

Tyra - Hunter's Mark
Bomb King - Aerial Aim / Grumpy Bomb / Royal Subjects / King Bomb(delay initiation)
Cassie - Blast Shot / Scout
Strix - Stealth / Crack Shot
Willo - Dead Zone / Nightshade / Scorn
Lian - Valor+Grace(AutoAim)
Kinessa - Headhunter
Evie - Blink(non-pointreturn)
Androxus - Cursed Revolver (slower and stronger)
Maeve - Street Justice
Moji - Magic Barrier
Koga - Dragon Stance / Dragon Fangs (1/3HP to activate)
Zhin - Smolder / Yomi (Buff)
Barik - Tinkerin' (Buff - Hand Cannon)
Atlas - Unstable Fissure(cd)
Terminus - Crush
Torvold - Thanks, Grandpa(change/buff)
Furia - Inflame(notify) / Exterminate(change/buff) / Pyre Strike;Solar Blessing(Size-Wall spread)
Ying - Dimensional Link(Triple Portal on one portal) / Resonance(change)
Grohk - Totemic Ward(buff-totem radius)
Pip - Mega Potion(change)
Mal'Damba - Mending Spirits(buff)

Nerf List
All Ultimates / 60% Damage/Effectiveness Reduction / 20% Recharge Rate Increase

A reminder that this is based on Non-Ranked or Premade teams - so viabilities must be taken into consideration; that characters with others can work or become more viable. However I feel the PUG format only amplifies the real issue of using the same in tier formats - the mask of it all is only showcased furthermore.

SS - Any Level 1-19 / PUG VIABLE
S+ - All Level 20+ - PUG VIABLE
S - All Level 25+ PUG VIABLE
S - All Level 25+ PUG VIABLE
A+ - All Level 25+ PUG VIABLE

A - All Level 30+ PUG VIABLE
A- - All Level 30+ PUG VIABLE
B - All Level 30+ PUG VIABLE
C - All Level 30+ PUG VIABLE

Unranked Champions
3 Champions
Raum Raum
Tiberius Tiberius
Corvus Corvus