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Patch 2.4

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Free Agent - NA


Makoa Makoa

Koa is great at point tank, off tank, damage tank, great shielding and does a good amount of damage. He also has an amazing ult.


Torvald Torvald

Torvald is great at shielding himself and teammates. He is also great at disabling his enemies. The only reason he isn't SS is because he is easy to stop with wrecker.


Ash Ash
Inara Inara
Seris Seris
Furia Furia

Inara has great crowd control and is very difficult to kill. Each of her 3 abilities are equally good and can win you the game depending on the enemy team and map.

Ash does lots of damage, difficult to kill and can be great with on tank and off tank. Her ult can completely give your team momentum to win games

Furia and Seris are the two best healers in the game, Seris and Furia can fully heal a teammate in a second or two. They also do decent damage and have good ults.


Atlas Atlas
Barik Barik
Drogoz Drogoz
Cassie Cassie

Barik is a great tank who does lots of damage with turrets and his weapon, he also has good shielding. The only reason he isn't higher is that he relies on his team having another powerful tank.

Atlas is a very good tank. His ability to rewind himself and opponents is great. The only reason he isn't higher is that setting enemies back can sometimes help them and he isn't great as a solo tank.

Drogoz is a great splash damager and can flank around teams. His ult is good but he is reliant on healing and is easy to counter. With the proper team he is the best damage in the game.

Cassie is amazing at damaging at any range, she is very quick and can flank well. she also has a good ult.


Khan Khan
Jenos Jenos
Grohk Grohk
Tyra Tyra
Willo Willo
Strix Strix
Dredge Dredge
Viktor Viktor
Maeve Maeve
Zhin Zhin
Evie Evie
Androxus Androxus

Khan is a solid tank, and his ability to throw enemies is very good. The main problem with him is that he only shields himself.

Jenos is a solid healer, good damage boost and good with staying alive. His main problem is that his healing will never be able to save a teammate.

Grohk is a pretty good healer, his totem is great. Grohk can also excel at being a self healing damage.

Willow is a great damager and splasher but her ult is basically drogoz's normal ability.

Tyra is a great hitscan and her fire is amazing. She would be with Cassie and Drogoz if she didnt get nerfed this split.

Strix is a great sniper with quick shooting. His ult can be better and he is easy to flank. When he is not being flanked he is one of the best damages in the game.

Dredge is fantastic at whatever you try to do with him, He can be great with harpooning damages and flanking healers. He is also good with Splashing the point and shredding tanks. His ult is also good.

Victor is Great at staying back at burst mode and flanking with cardio, He is the best non sniper damage from far range.

Evie is great at doing damage while teleporting and being quick. Her ult can easily disrupt enemy players.

Maeve is very fast and does lots of damage. Her ult is very affective.

Zhin is a great flank. His abilty to block shots and leaving action is great. He also does good damage but his ult can be better.

Andro is a top three flank when played right. Having three dashes to go around the map is insane. He is fantastic when you hit shots with him.


Io Io
Grover Grover
Pip Pip
Bomb King Bomb King
Vivian Vivian
Lian Lian
Lex Lex
Buck Buck

Io is a decent healer. Her fox, Luna, can heal allies and can be a frontline. Io also does decent damage.

Pip is not great as a healer but excels as a self healing flank.

Grover is a good healer with aoe healing. he also does decent damage and has a great ult.

Bombking is a good splasher but the worst of the three, he is easy to flank and kill.

Vivan is like tyra but does less damage and has a pretty cool shield. too bad when you shoot her from above or behind, the shield is useless.

Lian is pretty good but her main job is to stop drogoz. She does good damage but she isnt A+ worthy.

Lex is very good and is a top flank when you hit most shots.

Buck is a great damager and can heal himself pretty well, he does good damage and is great for dismounting.


Terminus Terminus
Fernando Fernando
Ying Ying
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Skye Skye
Moji Moji
Talus Talus

Terminus used to be an S tier champ. his ability to stun enemies is great. His main problem is that he cant shield teammates and his ult is easy to avoid.

Fernando is like the point tank version of khan, he survives well but his attack has no range. He also has a worse ult but he still is a solid tank.

Ying is a good healer with a good ult. She is easy to defeat with bulldozer.

Maldamba is a pretty good healer and does a decent amount of damage. His ult isn't the best and he is easy to kill.

Sha lin is a pretty good damage but not too many people play him right. I feel he is good at what he does but cassie does it better

Moji Does good constant damage but she isnt great on a lot of maps and doesnt have much range.

Talus is great for doing lots of damage to an enemy and then getting away. the problem is thats really all he does.


Ruckus Ruckus
Imani Imani
Kinessa Kinessa
Koga Koga

Ruckus does decent damage but is easy to kill with wrecker.

Imani would be D if it wasn't for her ult. id much rather have cassie or sha lin on my team than imani.

Kinessa is a pretty good sniper but i will always prefer strix. Also her snipes take a while to charge and she isnt great at getting away.

Koga is kind of like talus with a better ult but does less damage. I can only see koga being a top flank if he has lots of deft hands.



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Raum Raum
Tiberius Tiberius
Corvus Corvus