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Patch 3.1

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Bomb King Bomb King
Tiberius Tiberius
Koga Koga

Bomb king isn't really going to be affected much by his nerfs.

Tiberius is really strong, but people aren't playing him for some reason.

Koga is absolute bullshit when a team stacks on him and he has the right loadout.


Imani Imani
Terminus Terminus
Inara Inara
Seris Seris
Skye Skye
Lex Lex
Maeve Maeve
Buck Buck
Lian Lian
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Vivian Vivian
Evie Evie
Androxus Androxus
Tyra Tyra
Io Io
Kinessa Kinessa
Raum Raum
Furia Furia

Champs that feel strong in the right hands.

Barely anyone plays Imani but she is really annoying to deal with in a lot of ways.

Lex is strong af with Discovery and a good build.

Seris is strong but this damage meme needs to stop.

Terminus is strong with a good player.

Buck is strong in general, though Bulk Up is a bad talent.

Evies should use Over the Moon more often, it's more effective at killing squishies.

Io's being nerfed, so she's here.


Pip Pip
Ash Ash
Dredge Dredge
Strix Strix
Khan Khan
Willo Willo
Grohk Grohk
Cassie Cassie
Drogoz Drogoz
Viktor Viktor
Makoa Makoa
Ying Ying
Talus Talus
Moji Moji

Good champs, but like A-, people can't play them properly most of the time.

Viktor gains nothing from Burst Fire. Stop using it lol.

Pip needs a good build and a good player, could be an S-.

Ash will be an A+ next patch.

Khan has dropped in favor due to nerfs that make him less effective against instant death.

Willo needs a good player to be an A.

Ying can be an A with a good player, but most people don't know how to play her to full effectiveness.

Moji is here because she will be weaker next patch, in current patch she is S- though. Same with Talus.


Fernando Fernando
Barik Barik
Torvald Torvald
Corvus Corvus
Zhin Zhin
Ruckus Ruckus
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Grover Grover
Jenos Jenos

Depend on the skill and build of the player, but this is where they typically sit.

Jenos is probably an A if you build Power Cosmeum.

Grover is an A if you build Crippling Throw properly.

Fernando is an A with Formidable, but every idiot and their mother uses Scorch.

Torvald is probably an A+ with a Torvald main, but most people can't play him.


Atlas Atlas

Nobody can play Atlas, even those who are good at him barely contribute anything to their team besides being an annoyance to the enemy team.



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