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This Week in the Realm | February 24-March 1

posted by HiRezRomanova - 3 days ago
Welcome Champions to another edition of This Week in the Realm!

Last week was the final day of our Sands of Myth PTS and we appreciate all of the feedback you have provided us through playing! We will be updating our Update Notes with a section for all changes during the PTS sometime this week as well, so stay tuned!

Here is what you can expect this week:

Trivia Tuesday
  • Test your knowledge by replying to our tweet with the correct answer and you might win one out of three codes for that skin!

Paladins Esports
  • Thursday we have the final round of open qualifiers being broadcast! Make sure to watch on Thursday at 1:00pm ET on Twitch[twitch.tv] or Mixer[mixer.com] to see which teams make it to group qualifiers.

Paladins at PAX East
  • Romanova will be there alongside Smite’s Community Manager Isiah to give out codes such as Coldsnap Furia and more! Make sure to check the details when their meet-ups are here[www.paladins.com].

Weekly Champion Rotation
***Changes every Wednesday***
  • Ash
  • Bomb King
  • Talus
  • Ying

This Week in the Realm | February 17-23

posted by HiRezRomanova - 10 days ago
This past weekend we not only had a fun Valentine’s themed event to reward all of our players (paired or solo) 2X Battle Pass XP, but also our PTS opened up to... the public!

If you haven’t already, please make sure to check out our blog[paladins.com] we released on testing in our Public Test Servers. We really have areas we would like our player base to focus on so that we can have the best results when we go live with the Sands of Myth Update!

Here’s what you can expect this week:

Valentine Skin Code Winners
  • If you entered our contest on Twitter on Friday, we will be announcing the winners for the codes for the respective skins on Wednesday! Be on the lookout!

PAX East 2020
  • Paladins is hittin' the road to Boston, MA alongside Smite to PAX East this year! Be on the look out for a blog later this week for all the details if you plan on going!

Fan Art Friday
  • We love to share our community art so don’t forget to use #PaladinsArt on social so that we may find and feature yours this week!

Weekly Champion Rotation:
  • Ash
  • Bomb King
  • Maeve
  • Mal’Damba
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