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New in Paladins - Anniversary Update

posted by HiRezKryptek - 3 months ago
The Anniversary Update is here, and along with it comes a free event, Siege Remixed, and a whole host of cosmetics and changes!

New Event: Anniversary

Play 15 Games during the Anniversary patch to earn a Limited Skin choice from a past Battle Pass, an Anniversary Chest, 3 free Champions, and more for FREE!

New Event Mode: Siege Remixed

Return to Paladins' past in this mix of old and new! The original 3 Siege maps have returned, now allowing for modern Siege to be played on them. Wander the Enchanted Forest, explore the Temple Ruins, and marvel the Glacier Keep.

For the full Update Notes, including balance adjustments, visit here: Anniversary[www.paladins.com]

New in Paladins - Midnight Masquerade Update

posted by HiRezKryptek - 4 months ago

Guests gather from across the Realm for the Shattered Moon Masquerade, where who you are matters much less than the appearance you keep. Unlock the Midnight Masquerade Event Pass to unlock Crimson Crow Corvus & join in the grandest night in all the Realm!

New Feature: Ranked Cross-Play

Ranked is now one queue, with all players able to play together & climb the ranks no matter what platform or input they use. This will both help improve matchmaking times & quality, while also allowing for more teams to form regardless of limitations! As a part of this, we've done a hard reset on player's Ranked MMR.

New Feature: Mode Rotation

Community, we’ve heard your voice, and we know you’re not ready to say farewell to Payload just yet. However, we don't want to continue to split our players between so many queues & allowing for rough matchmaking periods.

Instead, we’re going to temporarily rotate out the Onslaught/King of the Hill queue. We selected the Onslaught/King of the Hill queue because, now that we’re looking at rotating modes in and out, that gives us the opportunity to separate the two game modes when we rotate them back in. In the meantime, we’ll be rotating Onslaught as it is back into the LTM slot for alternating weekends during Midnight Masquerade.

In addition, we’ve heard players growing somewhat fatigued of Choose-Any Team Deathmatch, so we’re swapping that out for the original Team Deathmatch instead!

For the full Update Notes, including balance adjustments, visit here: Midnight Masquerade[www.paladins.com]
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