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Game Updates

This Week in the Realm | June 7-13

posted by HiRezRomanova - 6 days ago
Some announcements might be on their way soon to bring some extra excitement to the Realm this week. So make sure you’re tuning into our social channels on Twitter, Instagram[instagram.com], and Facebook[facebook.com] for that!

Here’s what we can tell you is coming up:

Who’s Got the Mojo Dev Stream
  • Everyone’s going to get another shot at the “Got the Mojo” title in Paladins. Just make sure you’re tuning in at 11 AM EST on the Paladins Twitch[twitch.tv] channel to have your shot at being selected from chat to play with the developers.
2X Event Pass Weekend
  • We got you covered for the weekend with a chance to get further in your Beach Bash Event Pass!
    • Starts Friday, June 11th at 4 AM EST
    • Ends Monday, June 14th at 4 AM EST
We’ll see you in the Realm!
Leap to conclusions and resurrect yourself in this jumpy game mode with Pip and Terminus.
  • Begins Friday, June 11th at 8AM ET
  • Ends Monday, June 14th at 8AM ET
***Rotates every Wednesday at 4AM ET***
  • Raum
  • Lian
  • Evie
  • Mal’Damba

Paladins Fall 2021 Avatar Submission Program

posted by HiRezRomanova - 9 days ago
Champions of the Realm!

We love to see all of the incredible fan art tons of our community members create (especially with all of this extra free time this year), and we wanted to give you another chance at getting your art into the game! As we gear up for the season of Autumn, we wanted to open up submissions for you to enter your own fan art in hopes of your art pieces being turned into Avatars for everyone to earn for free during our update later this year!

Starting now, you can submit your fan art for our Evil Mojo team to review and select to be a part of our Paladins update around Halloween! Submissions close on July 9th, 2021, so make sure to get your art in before the submission form closes! Bring out the big guns and show us what you’ve got! We simply can’t wait to see what you come up with!

The chosen submissions will receive our newly unveiled “Community Creator” spray and title as well as 10 codes for their in-game Avatar!

Make your submissions here[forms.gle], and become familiar with all the rules listed below.

Best of luck to all our community artists!

The official rules for this program consist of both this Program Page and the Paladins® Community Submission Program General Rules, Terms and Conditions (“General Rules”) available here[webcdn.hirezstudios.com]!

2021 Paladins® Community Submission Program


You must be at least 13 years of age in order to participate. Additionally, if you are a minor in your jurisdiction of residence, you must have your parent or legal guardian’s permission to participate.

Submissions will be accepted beginning as June 4th, 2021 at 10:00am Eastern Time and ending on July 9th, 2021 at 6:00pm Eastern Time. You can submit your submission here. You may submit as many submissions as you like during the submission period.

The Evil Mojo Team will review submissions based on the following factors: originality, technical feasibility, player appeal, overall theme, and quality. The team will select up to 10 submissions after review for potential implementation in the game, subject to verification of eligibility and compliance with these Program Rules, including without limitation completion of a declaration of eligibility and acknowledgment of Hi-Rez’s rights in the submission. Hi-Rez reserves the right to increase/decrease the number of submissions to implement in-game based on the overall quality of the Submissions.

Implementation of the selected submission in-game; the in-game title “Community Creator”; the “Community Creator” spray; and 10 codes for in-game downloads of the avatar created using your Submission. Hi-Rez will not be obligated to award such title or spray to you again if you have already unlocked it.

Please also note the following reminders on program rules:

  • Submissions must be consistent with the Theme for the program (in this case, Paladins).
  • Submissions must be submitted in PNG format with a 128×128 pixel size.
  • Submissions that are animated must be submitted with a 128x128 pixel size in GIF format.
  • Your submission must not have been submitted in any other Paladins community submission program.
  • Your submission must be your original work. This means the submission must be conceived, designed, and drawn solely by you.
  • If any submissions other than final selected submission(s) in this Program stand out to us, we may choose to implement such submission at some point in the future.
  • In the event your submission is selected for potential implementation, you will be notified via e-mail with additional instructions by Hi-Rez Studios, which may include requests to provide additional information or documents. Failure to respond to such notification or follow such instructions by the deadline (or if no deadline is provided, then within a reasonable time) may result in disqualification.
  • Submissions must be appropriate for the Paladins universe. Entries will be disqualified if deemed inappropriate for implementation in the game. As an initial matter, entries that are obscene, offensive, vulgar, or discriminatory will be removed from the program. We reserve the right to disqualify submissions, including, without limitation, submissions that (a) are incomplete or unclear; (b) violate any applicable laws, including without limitation, infringement of intellectual property or publicity rights; (c) contain fraudulent, false, or misleading information; or (d) are otherwise detrimental or damaging to Hi-Rez Studios and its affiliates. We reserve the right to disqualify submissions that do not comply with program rules.
  • In exchange for the license set forth in the General Rules for use of our materials in your submission, submissions are the sole and exclusive property of Hi-Rez as set forth in the General Rules.
  • Any opportunity to have a Submission implemented in-game has no cash value, and no award of any kind is offered beyond the honor of having the top Submission(s) considered for implementation in-game by Hi-Rez Studios.
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