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Game Updates

This Week in the Realm | April 8-14

posted by EvilMojoMolly - 12 days ago

This Week in the Realm | April 8-14
Happy Monday, Champions!
  • Street Style’s PTS is live now on Steam! Learn how to join and report any issues you see while playing here. []
  • We ran into a snag with this past weekend's Double Battle Pass XP Event, and it was unable to run properly. Stay tuned, we will be rescheduling an extended version of the event as soon as we are able to confirm our fix!

  • 6PM ET | Voting concludes for the final bracket round of the Community Skin Contest. Be sure to get your vote in here[] before it ends!
  • 1AM ET | 3 final End Times Quests will unlock.
  • 4AM ET | Free Champion Rotation: Terminus, Bomb King, Moji, Ying
  • Afternoon | Winners of the bracket round of the Community Skin Contest will be announced!

Weekly Wisdom with the Devs: Build loadouts around your talents! Torvalds Field Study and Thanks, Grandpa talents get much better if you create a loadout focused around Protection cards.

Edit: There was a slight delay, and concept submissions for the community skin contest will open up early next week!

New in Paladins - Future's End Update

posted by EvilMojoMolly - 19 days ago
New Champion: Atlas, The Man Out of Time

Role -- Front Line
Health -- 3500

A gun arm from a distant future that can be charged for 1.5s. It deals 900 damage and fires more accurately with fewer shots depending on charge time. It will fire automatically at full charge.

Fire a concentration of chronon energy that blasts its victim back to where they were 4s ago. Their health is reverted to its lowest point in that period.

Fling yourself back to where you were 5s ago. Your health is restored to the highest value it was in that period.

Erect a temporal barrier in front of you that nullifies all ranged attacks for 5s.

Supercharge your chronon accelerator. While in this state your weapon shots will Banish enemies for 4s. Banished targets can not be interacted with by enemies or allies.

  • [Default] Unstable Fissure
    Activating Second Chance leaves behind an unstable fissure that after 3s explodes dealing 900 damage. Adds damage falloff to Explosion.
  • [Level 2] Temporal Divide
    Greatly increases the size of Stasis Field, but its cooldown is increased by 50%.
  • [Level 8] Deja Vu
    Setback becomes a lobbed explosion that can rewind multiple enemies.

Battle Byte Battle Pass
We’re launching an all-new Battle Pass in Future’s End: An 8-bit, retro gaming-themed Battle Byte Battle Pass! The pixelated effects on these skins are absolutely stunning, and capture the nostalgia of our shared gaming history.

8-bit Speeder Mount

Battle Byte Inara

Battle Byte Bomb King

Battle Byte Fernando

End Times: Continued

Atlas has appeared, but the tear in reality still remains. Join new Paladin and Magistrate champions as both sides fight to control this unknown power.

*End Times Omega skins will be available April 3rd

Omega Vivian

Omega Koga

Omega Zhin

Omega Imani

Click HERE[] to check out the full patch notes for Future's End!

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