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This Week in the Realm | September 27-October 3

posted by HiRezRomanova - 1 day ago
Hey there Champions!

We’re ramping up this week with some special weekend XP bonuses for you as well as some secret announcements we can’t just spoil yet.

Here’s the details on this coming weekend:

2X Event Pass XP Weekend
  • Live: Friday, October 1st at 4AM EST
  • Ends: Monday, October 4th at 4AM EST
We’ll see you in the Realm!

  • Jenos moves at the speed of light, or as fast as time and space will allow him. Jenos only mode with extremely increased Ultimate Charge gain rate and blazing fast movement speed.
    • Live: Friday, October 1st at 12AM EST
    • Ends: Monday, October 4th at 12AM EST
Weekly Champion Rotation
***Rotates every Wednesday at 4AM ET***
  • Atlas
  • Dredge
  • Zhin
  • Pip

Trickshot Update is now Live!

posted by HiRezRomanova - 7 days ago

New Champion: Saati, The Trickshot

No expense is spared to be the best of the best. She may work for money, but she makes her money work for her -- with the latest equipment to complement her skills. You may try to take cover, but not even solid cover can save you from Saati, the Trickshot.

To you, a coinflip is a gamble. For her, it's an opportunity. If you hear that she's after your bounty, you might as well stop running and meet her face to face -- either way, it only delays her next night out.

The biggest marks yet still walk the Realm, and those big bounties will fund a LOT of carousal.

In addition to Saati, Paladins is welcoming our Nightfall Event Pass featuring Corvus and Skye.

Take to the shadows with our latest Event Pass - Nightfall! Instantly unlock Count Corvus for purchasing, and unlock a total of 24 levels of rewards as you play!

Players can also purchase a Buy All option to get all content in the Nightfall Event Pass instantly!

To read the full Update Notes and see the content of the Nightfall Event Pass click here[paladins.com].
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