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Game Updates

Paladins 3rd Anniversary Week

posted by HiRezRomanova - 9 days ago
Happy Anniversary to Paladins and our Champions in the Realm!

This weekend we kicked off by having 2X Event Pass XP, but starting on Monday we’re going to be giving away items in the game all week celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Paladins.

You may recall back in January we had our first run of the all new Community Avatar Program, well these avatars that won are in a special chest now that you’ll have a chance to grab all 10 in this week. On top of all that, the special birthday spray you saw in our Season 4 Update Notes[www.paladins.com] is also going live and up for grabs.

The avatars in the Community 2021 Chest so far are the following:

Winners (in order):

Here’s the details on when and how:

Community 2021 Chest
  • Starts Monday, May 10th at 4 AM EST
  • Ends Saturday, May 15th at 4 AM EST
  • Play any 2 (non-bot) games in a row to unlock 1 Chest
Note: You can earn up to 4 per day by playing:
  • Team Deathmatch, Onslaught, Siege, Ranked
Paladins Birthday Spray
  • Starts Saturday, May 15th at 4 AM EST
  • Ends Monday, May 17th at 4 AM EST
  • Play any 2 (non-bot) games in a row to unlock!

2021 Suspension/Ban Policy Update

posted by HiRezRomanova - 11 days ago

Over the past few months, we've received a number of concerns both from players around toxic behavior in our games. We’ve had several discussions around the topic, and are now taking steps internally to ramp up our efforts to remove anything that violates our standards. One of the steps that we are ready to communicate with you all today is that we have reviewed and adjusted our Suspension/Ban Policy[hirezstudios.force.com].

Effective immediately, game suspension tiers have been updated to:
  • 1st offense = 7 Day Suspension
  • 2nd offense = 14 Day Suspension
  • 3rd offense = Permanent Game Ban
The following has also been added to our policy.
Ban Evasion Enforcement

If a player has been suspended or banned on an account, any subsequent accounts used during the duration of the suspension or ban by the player found by our support staff could be permanently banned.

Combatting Toxicity is a top priority for our team, and this is just one of several steps already in motion to ensure we continue to build long-lasting and inclusive communities around our games. We’ll have more to share on these efforts in the near future, so be sure to keep an eye on our official social media channels.

Until then, we’ll see you in the Realm.
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