Frequently Asked Questions

Your profile is automatically created when you play a causal or ranked game.

We do not keep track of custom, tutorial, or bot games.

Profiles are automatically updated, if it is not updating this is probably because your profile is hidden or due to temporary a issue with HiRez's API (This is common during patch days).

You can un-hide your profile via the in-game profile screen.

We do not offer support for players who hide or have hid their profile.

MMR or Elo (as it is commonly referred), is the rating that the game matchmaking system assigns to you.

The system used is a modified version of the TrueSkill System. The system tracks how players perform and assigns a Matchmaking Rating and a Variance score to the player. The Matchmaking Rating is how skilled the system thinks a player is. The Variance value is how confident the system is that the assigned MMR is accurate.

Elo Plus is not MMR.

There is no official MMR given by HiRez Studios to display the MMR that is used for matchmaking.

Elo Plus is a proprietary formula that has modifications specifically made for Smite to display player skill levels more accurately.

The purpose is to show player skill levels relative to other players, not estimate MMR.

Elo Plus works much like the Trueskill system used by the SMITE matchmaking system. For the first few games, the algorithm tries to "place" you where you belong. This is why you may see a large fluctuation in the amount of points you win or lose. After you've been "placed", the points gained and lost will even itself out and will then be based upon your performance and the collective scores for each team. There are many variables that are used to calculate your Elo+ after a match. One of the most common reasons for seeing a low Elo+ gain is due to a very high win chance.

The Elo+ system has been modified and created with hidden profiles in-mind. Hidden profiles will not break your score or make it inaccurate.

The Elo+ system is not based on win-streaks nor will you get "stuck" in a area. The more games you play the more accurate the score will be.

SR is short for Skill Rating. This system is similar to the Elo+ system but is used per champion / god you play.

The point of this system is to rate a players skill on a particular champion.

Those bars visualize the percentile your stats are in. Hovering over them will give you more information.

So for example if you are looking at the amount of assists you have on Guardians. We take the your total amount of assists divide that by the amount of games as a Guardian you have. Then do that with everyone and assign you a percentile.

Being in the 98th percentile would mean that you scored higher than 98% of stats we have on file and are in the top 2% of players.

Global stats are re-calculated every few hours for current seasons and typically require at least 10 games played to be included.

You can learn more about percentiles here.

We use all profiles. Including hidden profiles, unless we require a specific number of games to be played or other specific conditions.