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Patch 3.3
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This is more informative than that of a strategy, I'm just laying some things out here that might change people's perception of Pip's hitbox. There is the popular opinion that Pip has a gigantic noggin that is susceptible to getting smacked, but throughout my time playing Pip I've never had actual problems with his "giant head".


CORNER SHOTS: Most people understand that Pip's launcher has an area of effect, only 3 units radius; most people think 3 units is nearly nothing, but the fact that you even get an AoE means you have the opportunity to corner shot. What I mean by this is to be near corners or facing them and shooting immediately to the corner of where you think enemies are. The cool thing is if you do hit them it reveals them. Most of the time you're only gonna get 2-3 hundred damage per shot, but in a matter of two seconds when you actually have to face the enemy they're gonna be down 4-6 hundred HP they would've had on you. The point of corner shots are to minimalize any sort of firepower coming towards you. This saves you the trouble of getting your brains turned into a smoothie. Corner shots in my opinion are very easy to do once you get used to the radius of your launcher. It's not uncommon at all to get kills on faraway backline by doing them when they hide for cover. If you yourself are going to be behind cover a lot of the game because of snipers corner shots are your best friend.

GIFT GIVER: As good as Medicinal Excellence is as a card no one understands how clutch Gift Giver is. You never worry about hiding for cover with this card, and as you will have a lot of potions onhand naturally. I'm totally fine with this card sitting at level 3 or 4. This card is one of the best that Pip has (as a healer). With the card itself you can absorb a lot of the damage that's coming through and still be chillin.

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Working Around Pip's Hitbox