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Patch 3.3
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Fernando has always been an interesting tank to me, but with the new Aegis talent he has turned from interesting to amazing. Aegis allows for Fernando to dominate pretty much anyone, as the strategy to kill doesn't change too much and has few counters. I don't have much time so lets get into it!

The build + strategy
Build Section

This website formats things poorly, but oh well.


If you cant be bothered to read, remember these principles when playing aggro nando:

1. Do not ever let your shield run out, cancel it if it gets too low, the effect is the same but it will recharge immediately instead of having to wait 2 seconds. A good Fernando player never lets his shield break.

2. Never reload either, Fernando can have infinite health if you time your charges and shields right. During his charge and during shielding his weapon refills or reloads, try to time things in a way that it refills as it is faster.

3. Never dive if you do not have a full shield, you need it for a charge reset, if not two.

If you were to compare Fernando to other flanks it would be weird, as he is not one haha. But! Fernando in principle works fairly similar to other flanks. His main strengths lie in his ability to both dive and escape like any good flank, and his ability to super effectively sustain damage and self sustain, while being very good against cc relying champions on account of his big ass shield blocking half of the effects.


I will now describe a typical encounter for a Fernando trying to flank someone.

-Firstly, find a champion who is alone, best would be healers or flanks, but damages work fine too if you are prepared.

If they are too far away, use charge to close the distance, else try to get close without them noticing.

-The second you feel comfortable with hitting them, start holding left click on them and try to use your ball as fast as possible, so that you can start a cool down for the next time you need it.

-If you haven't charged yet, now is the time to charge straight through them, confusing them while damaging them in the process, also reapplying your speed buff.

-By now it should be clear whether or not you can get the kill, regardless chase them more and keep shooting with your fire on them. Fernando's whole strength is the ability to relentlessly chase someone, no matter what.

-While chasing be aware of your surroundings, and do not push too far, as you WILL die. Fernando's strength is not in his damage output, all thought it is pretty good for a tank!!

-If your ball resets, use it, if your charge resets either use it to damage even more or use it to escape. Remember that even missing the charge and hitting a wall still gives 50% movement speed and the possibility of escape.

-If the other person is still alive at this point, consider bailing.

During the whole fight, if you get too low use your shield and heal up! This will also recharge your charge for escaping.


cauterize(3) = YOU NEED IT!! Without cauterize 3 you can not damage enough to kill people, some healers heal more than you damage, but with cauterize 3 you kill anything you want no matter the healing. The most important item, ALWAYS buy cauterize at the start of your games, always.

Nimble(2-3)/Resilience(3) = If the opposing side has strong cc, such as Furia beam, Damba stun, or any other heavy stunners, buy resilience first!! Stunning is the biggest weakness of Fernando, but with aegis luckily it isn't too bad.

If there is no hard cc on the enemy team, buy nimble instead. Makes it easier to catch and kill others, and also enables fast repositioning and escaping tough situations. Do keep in mind that because of diminishing returns, the added nimble benefit scales like this instead of adding straight ontop of the 50% you get from Running Start(5).

Base = 50%

nimble 1 = 56%

nimble 2 = 61%

nimble 3 = 66%

Still, it is really handy to have it while chasing people, i would still buy it definitely.

Haven(2-3)/Guardian(2-3)/Life steal(3) = Haven and guardian are always good picks. Life steal is an interesting one. If you hold right click and click left click, Fernando will shoot for a fraction of a second avoiding most damage, but still applying his burning effect. This means about 36-41 healing every second, added on top of your already existing self heal during shield. might be fun to use, I'm not sure though.

Flanknando gaming



Your Shield now uses a resource that Regenerates over time instead of using a Cooldown.

Level 1

Running Start

Running Start


Increase your Movement Speed by 50% for 3s after using Charge.

Level 5

Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer


Reduce the Cooldown of Charge by 2s for every 1000 damage your Shield takes.

Level 4

Last Stand

Last Stand


Heal for 360 every 1s while Shield is active and you are at or below 35% Health.

Level 4

Dire Need

Dire Need


Increase your Movement Speed by 8% while using Shield.

Level 1




Heal for 100 for each enemy hit with Fireball.

Level 1

Level 3


There we have it!
I'll give a short explanation as to why i chose these cards, and how they work together!

Running Charge(5) = This card comes in handy SO MUCH while playing nando. It will often be the difference between life and death. 50% movement speed is huge on any champion, but for nando who slows down during attacking AND defending it is more than needed. This card has amazing synergy with Heat Transfer(4) as you can use charge about 3 times before your shield completely runs dry. I will explain later how to make good use of this card.

Heat Transfer(4) = Free charges for everyone! Turn your enemies futile attempts at damage into an opportunity to kill or flee! This card effectively makes your shield not just protect but also turns it into an amazing cooldown reset tool. with a 5500 health shield and a charge cooldown of 10 seconds, it looks like it will take 5000 shield damage just to get one charge back, however!! During the damage your cooldown will still be ticking down like normal, plus your shield recharges so fast you will almost always be able to get two full charge resets out of your shield, unless the team gets full wrecker. I will explain how to manage your charge and shield cooldowns later.

Last Stand(4) = Self sustain!! Any champion that wants to flank and go solo needs a way to keep themselves alive, this is nando's way. 400 health per second up to 1840 health means that going from 1 health to 1840 would be in between 4-5 seconds, cauterize changes this of course, but it matters not. You don't normally shield at 1 health, but more around the 600-1300 health. having this card means you can basically always heal yourself as long as your shield is available. This makes it possible to stay in fights for a long long time, chasing low enemies to the end of the map and back. This card gives nando a sustain comparable to that of a mid-range healer, which is insane honestly.

Dire Need(1) = Total filler card, but it helps being mobile while shielding, which you need. 8% movement speed is a lot for a 1 point card, so why not! Plus, I'm pretty sure it stacks with Running Charge, which means you can move at a good good speed even with shield up.

Brand(1) = Self heal between 100-500 all for the price of 1 point! A good filler card, especially during team battles, just shoot it at a large group and heal up a little. You could probably take a point from any other card and make this card double as strong, but its already good as is, and with caut it wont be worth making it any stronger.