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Patch 2.4
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Champion Section
Banish Seedlings

When Atlas uses ult, Willo throws the seedlings where a banished enemy is. When Atlas' ult ends, the selected enemy dies. (Seen in Kanga vs VP on Frozen Guard)

Anti CC Grohk

Best used on Brightmarsh. Jenos is the only support that can have an off support with them (Pip or Grohk and sometimes sniper Grover) and if the enemy team has a heavy CC draft (Pip, Inara, Ash, Maeve, Makoa, Mal'damba), you can take Grohk and use the Totemic Ward talent with the totem range card and cooldown reset on ghost walk maxed out. A tip for this build is that the totem works if it is above the target, so you can place it on the roof of Brightmarsh to keep it safe while still keeping it working. (Seen on Z1unknown's youtube channel and stream)

OB64 Dive Comp

Popular in OB64 when you could constantly have a shield with CC immunity on Buck or Talus. After this, Torvald, Buck and Talus received nerfs and made this comp obsolete. In the future if they become meta again, this will once again be popular. (Seen in high level ranks and the PPL if not banned)

Off Lane Pressure
AshKhanBomb KingCassieZhinBuckMaeveMoji

Ash and Khan are the best off tanks with shields in the game. Their role in this playstyle is to guide the dps teammate that pairs with them, shield them and generally create space for them to break through. The role of the damage and flank champions I included is to stand behind the off tank and provide very high burst combos (Cassie Crossbow + Blast, BK close range bombs, Zhin Sword + Whirl, Buck Shot + Leap + Net + Shot, Maeve Prowl damage buff and Moji base) and use the space created by the off tank.

This normally only happens on the left or right lane of the map and never happens through the middle.

Most matches have an off tank and dps combo in high ranks and pro games.