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Inara is a very tough champion on her own, but she truly shines with a healer. If you don't have one on your team you are better of with a different champ honestly. She does have a few cards that heal her, but the heal isn't great and you must give up a huge part of her survivability. She is supposed to stand on the objective and prevent anyone from reaching it. I will repeat that, she only leves the point when cc so hard she dies, or when she gets killed. Seriously, stay on the point.

Ability breakdownLeft click:

Stone spear - "Fire a burst of 3 projectiles every 0.3 seconds every 1.25 seconds. Every projectile deals 225 damage. Has a maximum ammo count of 5 and is fully effective up to 75 units."

It's a very strange weapon, that, unless you are a god, should be treated as a self defense tool. It's ranged capabilites are terrible, due to the relatively slow travel time and a significant short range damage drop off. It has close to no spread, or no spread at all if I know so it's useful in unmounting the enemy though. It deals surprising damage up close, so enemies can get killed fairly quickly so punish those who come close. Spam primary fire if you aren't using your abilities, this is especially true if you have alredy built cauterize as no matter the damage you can reduce the healing greatly.

Right click

Earthen guard - "Enter a defensive state. While in this state, reduce damage taken by your Deployables and you by 30% and increase healing received by 40%. This effect lasts 5s. - 10s colldown

This is a core ability of Inara and the biggest source of her surviveability. It also increases healing received thus rejuvenate isn't needed. It reduces all damage by percentage and is therefor effective against all of them. Use reactively when you start taking damage or preamptively when you are about to start receiving some. This ability when used correctly makes you virtualy unkilleable if you play your cards right. It has a colldown of 10 seconds but it can be reduced quite a bit, but don't spam it on cooldown it is best saved for when needed.

Q ability

Impasse - Deploy a rocky wall that grows from the ground. This wall has 5 500 Health, lasts for 5 seconds, and can be refired to cancel. Has a range of 80 units. Affected by Buldozer. - 15s colldown

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