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Patch 3.3
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There's little discussion about the purchase of items for certain heroes. But today, I want to focus on the discussion of the Rejuvenate talent. Is this is a great pick for the tanks/frontline? Do your healers constantly tell you you're dying because you didn't pick Rejuvenate? Do you wonder if it's worth wasting a valuable item slot on? Let's do some math...

Rejuvenate costs 150/300/450 for a total of 900 credits for 15% boost in healing. Sounds nice, right?

Oh, but here comes Cauterize - which is almost the first pick off the bat. That's 25% reduced healing out the gate. So even if you could buy 3 stack at the beginning, it's completely negated. But let's start with round 1...you buy 2 stack of rejuv, and all your opponents have 1 cauterize.

Furia heals (at best) for 1,150 for her right click. 1150 x .75 = 862.5 heal. Let's give that a 10% boost. An extra 86 healing. That's 948.75. Not too bad.

But as your opponents get more cauterize, let's map that out.

1150 x.5 = 575 heal. 575 x 1.15 = 661 total (assuming you've purchase rejuv 3)

1150 x .25 = 287.5 heal. 287.5 x 1.15 = 330 heal (an extra 43 heal).

Now this obviously doesn't take into affect if you've let cauterize fall off. Let's see what that looks like:

1150 x 1.15 = 1,322.50.

Do I think 172 extra healing is going to get me back into the fight any earlier? Nope.

I definitely don't think Rejuvnate is worth purchasing over Cauterize, Chronos, Haven/Blast Shields, Morale Boost, Master Riding, or even Nimble. Plus who knows if you need Wrecker or Bulldozer?

In one of my recent matches, I had a Furia healer that has caused me to write this. This healer was really good, but moaned that I didn't purchase Rejuvenate. This healer did a total of 131k healing. There's no easy way to calculate what Rejuvenate would've done if I had purchased it. No one purchased Rejuvenate in this match. And we still won.

My point is...Rejuvenate lags behind several others items you can purchase and isn't worth the credits. Would love to hear any counter arguments.

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Rejuvenate - good or bad?