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Here I will be ranking all the paladins champions from best to worst based on how fun they are to play and how good they are in competitive play. This is the only tierlist you will ever need I promise, ranked by the best paladins player in the realm no questions asked. Meet me at throne and I will fuck you up guaranteed.


Evie Evie

There is no one better.

Evie is the type of chick to knock you on your ass and then kick you while you're down and proceed to spit in your face over and over and over again until shes taken any dignity you've had left and then act super humble about how bad she just violated you.

"nooo hehe i just got lucky hahah go again?"

She knows what shes doing, and she gets off on the fact that no matter what you do or how hard you try there is no chance you're winning. She will give you false hope until you've finally given up or uninstall, and she will still build you up in hopes that she gets the chance to break you down just one more time.


Ying Ying

Budget Evie. Heals, kinda cool. Passive aggressive and humble, or so you think. She's the same as Evie but shell never let you know that.


Sha Lin Sha Lin

Most beautiful hair. Can cripple me any day. Doesn't use overrated weapons because hes #unique #hipster #2cool4guns Not better than Evie though, the only time I die to him is when i get lost in his eyes or try to touch his soft long locks. His hair feels nice and he is so wholesome just wants to go for long walks in the desert when hes not fighting crime. Him and Evie would make a great team and should totally be shipped together (Unbiased)


Saati Saati

Blue skin chick with a glock. White hair too. Really op. No one can play properly because they will catch a glimpse into her beautiful eyes and luxurious hair and exotic blue skin and get lost in the thought of having a future together with her. Maybe a family, a cute little puppy, a beautiful wedding. Only to be awoken from their daydream with a heel to the face.


Jenos Jenos

A literal god, he deserves to be put above everyone else. Hes so overpowered he has to handicap himself and only use 1% of his power on the battlefield or else he will wipe out the entire enemy team and his own team and the rest of the roster. Nice guy.


Talus Talus

Fucking. Nuisance. Scary little child. I'm terrified of children, and this one loves to terrorize everyone. Just runs around teleporting and punching shit and tickling you with his little bb pellets. You escape the child and try to get some out of combat heals thinking youre safe, then you hear it, the fucking scream of a child and then he teleports right in front of you and fucking curb stomps you. Shit from nightmares, stay away from this kid.



Very chill guy, big troll, probably listens to reggae while he plays. Everyone is scared yet also fascinated by him but he just has 1 dream and that is to fly, he doesn't want to fight. You ever see a Vii take a fight? No, exactly, he just be flying, cruising, chilling, no harm there. He will win games just by being so fucking fabulous and mysterious and distracting the enemy team because they just want a good look at him, then they see his face and he yells "CEREBRAL TERROR MOD ENGAGED" and they all run away and then he wipes their minds clean of what they just saw so that they don't have to suffer anymore.


Vatu Vatu
Kasumi Kasumi
Androxus Androxus
Caspian Caspian
Ash Ash
Vora Vora
Lillith Lillith
Seris Seris
Maeve Maeve
Kinessa Kinessa
Strix Strix
Vivian Vivian
Pip Pip
Corvus Corvus
Koga Koga
Raum Raum
Nyx Nyx

I had to make a separate tier for all the emos. We gotta show Emo respect. Without them what do we have? Nothing. Stylish and edgy, we all love emos.


Yagorath Yagorath
Furia Furia
Buck Buck
Terminus Terminus
Viktor Viktor
Willo Willo
Makoa Makoa
Betty la Bomba Betty la Bomba
Fernando Fernando
Barik Barik
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Grover Grover
Cassie Cassie
Ruckus Ruckus
Drogoz Drogoz
Lex Lex
Torvald Torvald
Inara Inara
Atlas Atlas
Octavia Octavia
Bomb King Bomb King
Zhin Zhin
Dredge Dredge
Lian Lian
Rei Rei
Khan Khan
Tyra Tyra
Io Io
Imani Imani
Tiberius Tiberius
Azaan Azaan

Eh, they're aight.


Grohk Grohk
Skye Skye
Moji Moji

The worst. Throw pick. Don't ever pick these if you love yourself or your friends or whoever you're playing with. You are soft throwing and its not funny, at all.

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