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Patch 2.4

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Free Agent - Southeast Asia

the higher it goes the harder the champion


Evie Evie
Androxus Androxus
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Grohk Grohk

Evie: has low hp and has to know the right time to use her abilities

Andro: reason similar to Evie and aim

Sha lin: know how to aim

Grohk (heal): only have totem and it has a big cooldown (dmg at S-)


Cassie Cassie
Pip Pip
Atlas Atlas
Torvald Torvald
Inara Inara
Ash Ash

Cassie: aim

Pip: (healer): dmg and heal (dmg pip at S-)

Atlas: abilities at right time

Torv: after nerf he's hard

Inara: same as Atlas

Ash: same as Atlas


Io Io
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Furia Furia
Terminus Terminus
Buck Buck
Ying Ying
Imani Imani

Io: deal dmg and heal and the same time

Damba: aim to heal

Furia: same as io

Term: low dmg and has a short range

Buck: aim and same as io

Ying: know where you need to position yourself (same as most healers)

Imani: aim and same as Io


Drogoz Drogoz
Strix Strix
Kinessa Kinessa
Bomb King Bomb King
Maeve Maeve
Makoa Makoa
Khan Khan

Drogoz: abilities at the right time

Strix: aim

Nessa: aim

BK: same as Drogoz

Maeve: same as Drogoz (street justice would be an A+)

Makoa: aim and same as Drogoz

Khan: same as Makoa


Fernando Fernando
Willo Willo
Barik Barik

Fern: know when to uses what

Willo: same as Fern

Barik: same as Fern


Skye Skye
Seris Seris
Grover Grover
Raum Raum
Tyra Tyra
Lian Lian

skye: know when to invis

Seris: easy heals and an escape ability

Grover: only dmg and press Q and F to places

Raum: spray, Q,, F

Tyra: know when to use abilities and aim

Lian: auto-aim


Viktor Viktor
Zhin Zhin
Koga Koga
Lex Lex
Talus Talus

Vik: easy to play burst mode would be at A+

Zhin; know when to use abilities

Koga: same as Zhin

Lex: aim (death hasten would be A+)

Talus: spray and teleport


Jenos Jenos
Ruckus Ruckus

Jenos: easy heals

Ruckus: easy to play


Moji Moji
Vivian Vivian

Moji: spam

Viv: spam


Dredge Dredge

dredge: spam

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