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this is how easy it is to kill them,this is my opinion, im a maeve main so some of this is for maeve to kill it . upvote if somewhat agree!!!!! or even a little bit XD


unbeatable, no ones unbeatable!!!


Zhin Zhin
Androxus Androxus

very hard to kill, zhins abilities and dps makes him hard to kill, andro if you are good at him he can be a pain.


Fernando Fernando
Yagorath Yagorath
Evie Evie

hard to kill,fernan if you cant get away he can be hard, yag has too much health but is easyer to kill now that we know him better, evie can get away heal herself and has good damage makes her hard to kill.


Raum Raum
Makoa Makoa
Pip Pip
Grohk Grohk
Koga Koga
Maeve Maeve

somewhat difficult to kill,raum has a lot of health and dps, makoa if they know how to play him he can be hard to kill, pip and grohk are the same they have great dps but not good healing, koga is a ripoff of maeve but his abilities are too much and his dps is good, maeve if you know how to play her she can be a very hard person to beat.


Seris Seris
Lex Lex
Ash Ash
Khan Khan
Vivian Vivian
Lian Lian
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Buck Buck
Bomb King Bomb King
Grover Grover
Cassie Cassie
Terminus Terminus

average to kill, seris if you have her card that makes her health go up she can be very hard to kill, lex if you have his golden card that makes his dps 600 per shot he can be very hard, ash is just a harder person to beat and so is khan if you know what you are doing, viv is the same , lian if you get her golden card that makes one of her abilities do 800-600 dps she can be hard to kill , mal dama if he has his stun card he is hard, buck has to much health but if you know how to play him he can be hard to kill, bk is the same grover if you have damage grover he can be somewhat hard to kill, cassie if you are good with her she can be a pain, term ok yeah.


Ying Ying
Skye Skye
Vora Vora
Jenos Jenos
Tiberius Tiberius
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Viktor Viktor
Barik Barik
Talus Talus
Dredge Dredge
Inara Inara

somewhat easy to kill,ying is kinda easy if they dont have their team with them, skye can be super hard to kill but otherwise she is easy if you are not really good, vora her health is easy to kill but her dps is op, jenos can really fight back unless you are going damage jenos then he is a pain, tiberius if you are good at him he can be hard to kill , same with sha sha, vik is easy but if they have the 600 damage per shot and you shoot 3 shots at the same time he can be a pain, barik is easy at lest for me, talus is easy to unless you know how to play him , dredge has a hard name to spell but unless you know how to really play him well he is not good, inara is just kinda weak.


Octavia Octavia
Imani Imani
Furia Furia
Strix Strix
Torvald Torvald
Tyra Tyra
Drogoz Drogoz
Kinessa Kinessa
Io Io

easy to kill , octavia she cant really fight back if you get close to her, imani if you get behind her and they dont know how to play her well then she is easy, furia is just a bigger target sorry, strix is weak, so is torvald, tyra is just one of those types that is easy to kill from behind and kinda the in front , drogo if you know how to aim and look up he should not be a problem, kinessa is kinda easy to kill even if they know what they are doing, io needs a upgrade but she cant really do much.


Moji Moji
Willo Willo
Corvus Corvus
Ruckus Ruckus

very easy to kill , moji just cant do anything anymore, same with willo , corvus is like tyra, ruckus is almost the worst guy in the game almost .


Atlas Atlas

the most easy to kill,atlas i hate him he cant do damage and he has to little health.


no effort to kill, no one here

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