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Patch 2.4

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this tierlist is specific to the Siege and Onslaught modes on console (Playstation, Xbox, Switch), for both casual and ranked gameplay. this tierlist is ranked in a strictly hierarchical structure; as such, there is no midpoint of balance.

this list is not applicable to Team Death Match.

this list is not applicable to playing on a PC with a keyboard and mouse.

this tier list represents my personal opinions gathered through experience playing these champions on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.



Talus Talus
Maeve Maeve
Vivian Vivian

god-like damage and kill output. can easily carry a team to victory on their own.

aim assist is powerful here; can hit around corners and off the screen when needed


Viktor Viktor
Tyra Tyra
Khan Khan
Jenos Jenos
Io Io

viktor/tyra: extremely powerful damage output (incredible aim assist), usually their ults = free triple kill

khan: the best frontline pick. no contest. his health (both self and shield) are amazing, his talents are all viable choices, and his primary fire damage is extremely high.

jenos/io: probably the best healers right now with usable utility skills that can be game-changers

luna (io's wolf) is arguably better than io herself


Imani Imani
Strix Strix
Inara Inara
Ash Ash
Atlas Atlas
Makoa Makoa
Grover Grover
Seris Seris

imani: great damage output, incredible point-capturing ult if used correctly
strix: the better sniper pick, his damage output can be much stronger and faster than kinssa's. his sidearm is also extremely powerful

inara/ash/atlas/makoa: strong tank picks. healer pocketing them can easily lead to a victory

grover/seris: powerful constant AOE healing output for multiple teammates simultaneously; can carry a team to victory if played in the right hands


Lian Lian
Lex Lex
Koga Koga
Zhin Zhin
Terminus Terminus
Furia Furia

lian: high mobility and great damage output; lack of helpful aim assist knocks her down a few tiers

lex/koga/zhin: strong flanks with strong aim assist; can carry a team in the right hands. lex, koga, and zhin's ults are somewhat garbage rn and could be improved in future patches.

terminus: damage output is fair, mobility is useful, ult is decent for taking points

furia: she is better played aggressively although her healing is decent too


Kinessa Kinessa
Androxus Androxus
Skye Skye
Barik Barik
Ying Ying

kinessa: a decent sniper pick who can carry if played right; her downfall is that she is playable on certain maps and unusable on others. the teleporter is difficult to control on console

androxus/skye: mediocre (but usable) flanks; androxus ult is trash, and he has lack of decent aim assist. skye's aim assist is really strong but she is too easily countered by picks like tyra, cassie, and illuminate item

barik: great self-sustain, but that's about it. his poor shielding could be improved in the future balance patches

ying: a decent healer pick, though easily outclassed by other picks


Moji Moji

mediocre pick, decent in the right hands


Bomb King Bomb King
Dredge Dredge
Torvald Torvald
Fernando Fernando
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba

usable in the right hands, though not advised


Willo Willo
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Cassie Cassie
Buck Buck
Ruckus Ruckus
Pip Pip
Grohk Grohk

cassie/willow/sha lin: aiming is not assisted enough to justify picking them, damage output generally low

buck: slow and hard at aiming with less support from aim assist. his movement is not viable on console
ruckus: most people who play ruckus are feeding
pip/grohk: not viable healers; Pip's only good use is his slow skill & ult, Grohk is easily outclassed by Io


Evie Evie
Drogoz Drogoz

terrible picks; aiming & movement are extremely difficult with a controller

thus these champions cannot be used to a viable potential

Unranked Champions
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Raum Raum
Tiberius Tiberius