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Patch 3.1

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Viktor Viktor
Kinessa Kinessa
Vivian Vivian
Androxus Androxus

Viktor - Predator 5, Burst Mode, movespeed in rmb, and nade resets are kinda nuts

Kinessa - True Grit, Steady Aim, and Transporter make her hard as fuck to contest

Vivian - Viktor with less burst and less lifesteal but reveal and a shield

Androxus - Can play around pretty much anything and decent range but lacks a decent sustain card.


Dredge Dredge
Tiberius Tiberius

Dredge - Hurl, Shortcut, and sustain cards are insane. Not having to buy caut and being able to stack Haven/movespeed in round 1 nuts

Tiberius - Sustain, damage and slow are nuts. Ult and dash kinda lacking


Buck Buck
Ying Ying

Buck - Bulk Up means he can hold close and challenge a lot of shit most other champs can't but he's very passive and exploitable with a 10s jump cd if he's running meta build. Bounce House nuts in matchmaking but easy to deal with if your support has their FOV above 110

Ying - Damage, ult, mobility, and Illusion kite are nuts but she's kinda slow and Shatter is inconsistent against things maneuvrable enough to be worth thinking about


Strix Strix
Cassie Cassie
Sha Lin Sha Lin

Strix - Outtrades every backliner if he can focus on them entirely but carrying a game with him is unreasonably difficult against a decent aggro dps and/or offtank.

Cassie - Burst, roll reset, big health pool, alright sustain are very solid and she can challenge a lot but she isn't a top dog after roll cd nerf.

Sha Lin - AOE cripple, burst, stealth, mobility reset are good. Kinda lacks sustain but doesn't need it. Bugs around midair inaccuracy (banana arrows) and frame drops make him pretty clunky to play.


Talus Talus
Koga Koga

Talus - Can go in very far with Primeval Might, Blitz Upper drift, and Rune of Travel

Koga - Talus with more range but no teleporter


Tyra Tyra
Lian Lian
Skye Skye

Tyra - Mercy Kill 20% DR is nice but weapon nerfs and no antiheal on firebomb hold her back.

Lian - Being completely honest Lian in this meta is rough. Everything about her is mediocre from her low hp, her shoddy sustain, her irrelevance for 11s if Presence gets baited, her mobility is okay and has no reset card, and her ult is just fancy Ice Block

Skye - Stealth toggle, movespeed, and sustain are pretty great but lacks range.


Lex Lex

Lex - Very good against his marked target, gets fucked on by the other 4 members of the enemy team.


Imani Imani

Imani - Here you go Toeh she isn't d tier anymore


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