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Patch 2.4

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Makoa Makoa

Hook is busted


Inara Inara
Atlas Atlas
Viktor Viktor

Inara is the best tank defensive in this game

Atlas have some op rewind and a really op wall

Viktor is i think the most good dps on playstation because he can deal damage easily and shoot in the sky


Khan Khan
Ash Ash
Jenos Jenos
Drogoz Drogoz

Khan is good in all comp, he is never ban so he have a great ultimate and good damage

Ash is not easy to play, but she have an op dash, op bump, op ult, and ash is the only tank who deal big blast damage (excepted terminus)

Jenos is S for the buff meta, and his control is really good

Drogoz WYRM if he is played right, he can outdraft all team, i think drogoz is not countered by lian or other hitscan if he is played with a brain


Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Barik Barik
Tyra Tyra
Vivian Vivian
Lian Lian

Mal'damba is really good because he have many good spells, like double heal, a stun, invicible dash and a fear ultimate

Barik is S- or A+, he is great but in late game, barik's shield is like plastic, and his mobility is not perfect

Tyra vivian and lian is the basic op dps, i think i dont need to explain why


Furia Furia
Maeve Maeve
Evie Evie
Willo Willo
Pip Pip

Furia cherish is so op, nice ultimate and she deal big damage, so you can defend yourself from the flank

Maeve Evie is rated more higher if the player who play them are really good, but if he is bad they are not rated A+ but more like B or A-

Willo is my favorite blast, she deal big damage, and have a 100% cauterize spell, the only things is willo need some top in map to have impact

Pip is for me the most cool blast with his heal, his mobilty spell is really cool, we can find some tricks, but pip is really good for his high damage in 1vs1 and his ultimate can clutch all teamfight


Grover Grover
Seris Seris
Strix Strix

Grover and Seris are good meta heal but no more

Strix is good and can get nice position, after he can try to make ennemy angry when they go in her top


Terminus Terminus
Cassie Cassie
Bomb King Bomb King
Torvald Torvald

Terminus his good for two spells, his stun, with him he can take all top and surprise ennemy team, and his "shield" is nice with teamplay, his ultimate is easy countered


Koga Koga
Lex Lex
Kinessa Kinessa

Koga is really weak without buff, next patch he will be buffed by his movement speed, so he gonna be really good i think,

Lex is good with buff, only with buff

Kinessa is good af, but she can't win a 1vs1 so, she is easiest to flank


Fernando Fernando
Ying Ying
Androxus Androxus
Dredge Dredge
Grohk Grohk

Fernando is good with jenos, but all controls broke his shield and make him very vulnerable

Ying for me is bad

Andro need mobility buff

Dredge is playable, but he is op only in late game

Grohk dps is bad because he never took any kill, only his ultimate is busted


Ruckus Ruckus
Io Io
Moji Moji
Buck Buck
Zhin Zhin
Skye Skye
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Imani Imani
Talus Talus

Ruckus in my head is op, just hard to cover your dps in scrim

Fuck io literally cancer


other champ is bad in scrim

Talus is a missclick, for me i unrank him because perma ban

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