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Patch 3.3

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Free Agent - NA


Io Io
Torvald Torvald


Sha Lin Sha Lin
Maeve Maeve
Androxus Androxus
Raum Raum
Grover Grover
Ruckus Ruckus
Makoa Makoa

dive dps are nutty

you have to be incredibly good at ruckus but you can win nearly all of your games because you just shit on backliners


Kinessa Kinessa
Koga Koga
Drogoz Drogoz
Zhin Zhin
Evie Evie
Barik Barik
Skye Skye
Tiberius Tiberius
Corvus Corvus
Terminus Terminus
Khan Khan
Bomb King Bomb King
Cassie Cassie
Atlas Atlas
Willo Willo

kin is bad against real players on dive dps but no one plays dive dps on na so this champ should be in s+

evie is nutty with other dive dps but servers suck skye

term ss to s+ on ice and small maps but kinda awkward elsewhere

khan is very good but hard

bk is very good but the stars must align

cassie counters dive dps


Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Jenos Jenos
Inara Inara
Furia Furia
Dredge Dredge
Vivian Vivian
Tyra Tyra
Ash Ash
Buck Buck
Fernando Fernando

Jenos isonly kind of good but HIGH PRIO BECAUSE ANYONE CAN PLAY HIM AT NEAR FUL LCAPACITY WITH THEIR FEET AND 80FOV this champ is a fucking SCAM!!!!!(if you don't suck)

inara is still pretty damn good but not as accessible as before with 50% dr

dredge is s to s+ on ice mines and irrelevant everywhere else


Viktor Viktor
Ying Ying
Strix Strix

Ying is okay

strix sucks why is he getting nerfed you don;t have aim assist on kbm stop banning him please oh my god


Lian Lian
Pip Pip
Lex Lex

lian sucks but she's fun sometimes

pip is ok.

lex is lian with less downtime and a worse dash. take that as you will


Seris Seris
Talus Talus
Moji Moji
Grohk Grohk
Imani Imani




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Vora Vora