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Patch 2.4

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Free Agent - NA


Barik Barik

Barik-his turrets can heal him just by being around him, they can shoot people and heal him, he can heal his turrets to stay longer, he can buff his turrets health. he also has a shield, he can use his dash to heal him self.


Raum Raum

Raum- he is the only champ with armor he can heal himself but by hitting people he is great against other tanks.


Torvald Torvald

Torvald- he can bring back hit own shield


Atlas Atlas

Atlas- if you time it right you can put your health all the way back up and his shield has no health bar so it only leaves when the timer runs out.


Terminus Terminus

Terminus- he can trick the other team to heal him, his ult also brings him back to life.


Khan Khan

Khan- he can just straight up heal himself and becomes immune when he does it so he can escape many ults that way.


Inara Inara

Inara- her stone can heal her while it damages the other champs she also is able to reduce the damage she takes, and can wall off far range dmg characters.


Makoa Makoa
Ruckus Ruckus
Ash Ash

Makoa-he can spin and hit targets to heal him self and his ult puts him back to full health.

Ash, Ruckus- they bother have built in life steal that you can buff out



Fernando Fernando

Fernando- he cant heal him self at all.

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