14 days ago
Patch 3.3

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Free Agent - EU

I am in gold rank so it might change from platnium and above.


Pip Pip
Willo Willo
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Ruckus Ruckus
Lex Lex
Dredge Dredge

Good to go won't get banned. mostly becuase no one cares.


Khan Khan
Buck Buck
Makoa Makoa
Kinessa Kinessa
Tiberius Tiberius
Maeve Maeve
Fernando Fernando
Cassie Cassie
Grohk Grohk
Drogoz Drogoz

have not seen these character get banned probably becuase they are not one expecting to be sweater playing these.


Vora Vora
Imani Imani
Furia Furia
Moji Moji
Bomb King Bomb King
Atlas Atlas
Inara Inara
Ash Ash
Barik Barik
Seris Seris
Raum Raum
Ying Ying
Grover Grover
Corvus Corvus
Evie Evie
Androxus Androxus

honestly this halft of this characters, should be down to b tier. But most people play this characters so i guess no one really dont wanna interupt ervyones fun.



Zhin Zhin
Viktor Viktor
Torvald Torvald
Tyra Tyra
Lian Lian

Some might banned this becuase of ptsd of their prevoius match


Io Io
Jenos Jenos

just becuase of the heals, and a bullshit dog(got nerfed)


Skye Skye
Strix Strix

only becuase of the previous patches they are still able to get ban.


Koga Koga

If you can convice the teamates then there you go.


Talus Talus

just pray to god unless in a party of 4 and above.


Vivian Vivian
Terminus Terminus

srry buy you wont able to use this one in rank.

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