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Patch 3.3

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This is my personal tierlist that is not definitive.. I do not own most of the Champions so I will surely update it when I get to unlock more and more of them.


Barik Barik
Seris Seris

Barik and Seris do not need any presentation. Incredibile defensive tank on the first one, amazing healer and support on the second one.

Considering that Barik can heal himself with his turrets (and Seris healing a lot) these two combined can almost never die.


Grover Grover
Viktor Viktor

I believe with no issue whatsoever that Viktor is still the best damage champion amongst every other one, due to his incredible versatility, movement and damage output. Many will put Tyra and Lian above him, but I still prefer him over them.

For Grover it surely does not deserve to be this high, considering that there's far better healers around. However, his damage output is stellar for an healer and his crippling ability helps other teammates such as stopping enemies from running away when in low health (Jenos can do the same I know and I think he is superior in comparison. Still, I prefer Grover since I've been using him since the Open Beta). His Ulti can keep your teammates alive when in desperate need, even though it can be countered pretty easily. Not an easy champion to use but if you master him, I believe you can pull off some good stuff.


Fernando Fernando
Makoa Makoa
Tyra Tyra
Pip Pip

Starting from the tanks:
- Fernando is definitely the most welcomed surprise of them all. I remember playing some matches with him in the Open Beta and he was weeeeaaaak. Little to no damage, his shield was ridiculous, only good thing which they kept is his Ulti that makes every teammate invincible if close to him. Thankfully they buffed him up throughout the seasons and I'm happy to see that (plus the character as a whole makes me laugh a lot XD)
- Makoa could have been SS with Barik but I don't like him as much as the latter one. His huge amount of health combined with his shield and Ulti make him a hard one to take down. However, the biggest flaw for me at the moment is that I really don't like his anchor grapple. I know it's on me, but most of the times it just misses the target and I end up missing a good opportunity for a kill, which in a match can cost a win. I must put more time into it because Makoa is one of the best tanks around.

Now for damage and lastly for the healer:
- Tyra needs no presentation. For crowd control and base damage output she surpasses Viktor and other damage champs as mentioned before, plus her Ulti makes her a real danger when your team is in a bad situation. However, her movement is abysmal but you can improve that by buying the Nimble ability in a match. Still, I haven't played much with her but I can say for sure that she's one of the most easy damage champs to use by a long shot and it's not a surprise many players pick her.
- Pip, on the other hand, is extraordinary with his excellent movement and damage output. He can really top up some of the damage champions and can play very well as a flank too. His heals are also very good, considering he can throw and explode his potions in midair whenever he wishes. Overall, I say he's best suited for supporting the whole team while putting some pressure on the enemy team.


Grohk Grohk
Jenos Jenos

I know, Grohk is not good. But he's not terrible either, and from all the healers I've tried I can say for sure he's the most... reliable, let's say that. Let me explain. To heal he uses totems which are deployables. People at low levels usually tend to forget that deployables need to be, y'know, destroyed. And with Grohk you can put up to 3 Totem using his talent, make a Loadout that runs around that talent and you can become a totem-shitter. Put totems in well hidden, hard to reach spots and voilà, free heals for everybody.
Plus, his damage is not bad at all, Shock Pulse can do that extra damage that can reward with some easy assists, he can escape easily with his evasive ability and his Ulti is just on point (although you can counter it but either killing Grohk or by buying the Resilience perk).

Jenos healing abilities aren't that great but he makes up with that by having a great damage output and his cripple ability that can help in need. His Ulti as well can mostly one-shot many champions but it's not easy to pull off, since you can still evade it with many abilities.


Kinessa Kinessa
Ying Ying

Kinessa is by far the best sniper in comparison to Strix although she has the worst movement of all champions imo. Her teleporter is awful unless you use the talent that makes her teleport instantly, but that would just be wasting a talent. Still, if you know how to circumvent her weaknesses and master her properly, she can be a heck of a pain for enemies.

Ying is a decent healer and as a support she's not bad either, she's just okay in many departments and overall a pick I recommend if you wanna run a team with two healers with her as a support for the tank.


Skye Skye
Furia Furia
Ash Ash


Ruckus Ruckus


Cassie Cassie
Maeve Maeve


Torvald Torvald
Strix Strix


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Buck Buck
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Drogoz Drogoz
Bomb King Bomb King
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Lian Lian
Zhin Zhin
Talus Talus
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Moji Moji
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Io Io
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