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Patch 3.3

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sorry for the long notes

also the champions are in no order in the teirs


Androxus Androxus
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Vora Vora

ban / super op

andro is just op his talent that makes his gun do more damage is far to powerful

sha lin under rated but he is very op if he is being played by someone who knows how to play

vora from the start she has been op


Fernando Fernando
Cassie Cassie
Vatu Vatu
Lian Lian
Zhin Zhin
Terminus Terminus
Khan Khan

pretty op

nando his health and ult and weapon make him a very hard person to beat

cassie if played right can go to SS but for now she will be here her dps is very good and her abilities are very good for her

vatu he can be very strong or very weak depends on the one playing him but more then likely he will do very well in the match

lian auto aim makes her a very hard champion to beat plus her presence ability and ult makes her a very good damage champion

zhin is a very good flank but why he is not in the SS teir is because he is too slow

term if you tank or even flank with him and know how the game works you will most likely do well

khan some thing as term but i think khan will be less hard to play


Barik Barik
Buck Buck
Makoa Makoa
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Inara Inara
Tyra Tyra
Furia Furia
Raum Raum
Rei Rei

very strong

barik a solid tank but he does not have much health so be careful

buck if played right can be in S+ or SS but his dps is just not as good as some other champs so he is in S teir

makoa same thing as with term and khan but mostly he will work as a flank and tank only if there is not a fernando or tyra

maldumba he can give solid heals and his stun talent is very hard to deal with

inara just a solid tank

tyra the tank killer, her fire is like the death of all the tanks if you use her talent burn monster and her other talents are also very good but she is a bit slow so buy nimble if you have a big problem with that

furia her stun and healing talent are very strong and she can defend herself witch is a very good thing for a healer so solid pick

raum a very big health pool, he can act as flank dps or tank or even a healerish for himself

rei although she only really has one heal ability if you get the right cards for her she can do really good healing and her ult is a very good ult


Grohk Grohk
Evie Evie
Kinessa Kinessa
Maeve Maeve
Ash Ash
Atlas Atlas
Tiberius Tiberius
Saati Saati
Seris Seris


grohk he can be a good healer but not as good as some of the other ones but if you go damage grohk and know what you are doing he can be the monster of the game

evie although she has only her weapon as dps and ult she can do great things because of her abilities but she also is a pretty hard flank to play

kinessa she is a very good damage but does get counterd by basically all flanks

maeve i am a maeve main and i think she can go up to S S+ and rarely SS if you know what you are doing, her abilities are super good and i think you should try her but i will tell you she is kinda hard to get the hang of

ash pretty good tank and off tank(off tanks are tanks who flank)

atlas( witch is a weird spelling cuz he says atlus i think but whatever) is a good tank and off tank but he is kinda hard to play i think

tiberius he is a strong damage and his abilities are good but his ult is meh

saati from what i can tell she can go up to S+, her abilities are a bit weird but she is a very interesting champion who i think yall should try

seris i think she can be dps flank or healer she is a very good champion


Pip Pip
Ying Ying
Bomb King Bomb King
Lex Lex
Koga Koga
Dredge Dredge
Io Io
Yagorath Yagorath
Viktor Viktor
Talus Talus

middle it could go both ways.

pip well you can have a very good pip or a very weak pip depends on the person playing

ying is not a great healer but is good enough and can be a damage healer

bk like pip can go ether way but his main fire is good

lex depends on who is playing like all the champions in paladins but he is soooo not the best flank in my opinion

koga i think got nerfed??? idk but he just does not seem to be as good as he was but his abilities are good

dredge a rare sight to see in paladins but i think that with his abilities he can more then likely go up a teir

io you will ether get a not very good io or a great io her ult is kinda useless unless its a map were the enemy can go off of it

yag if you got or are tyra, yag is dead and i also thought for a pretty good amount of time yag was a he but nooop i was wrong ITS A GIRL yay X( but yag is a good tank just not as good of a pick as inara)

vik can be not really good but descent to a monster sooo depends on the one playing

taluses oversomething ability i think is nice so is his teleport but he is not as good as say maeve or evie and he is slow but as slow as zhin


Drogoz Drogoz
Grover Grover
Jenos Jenos
Strix Strix
Moji Moji
Imani Imani
Corvus Corvus
Octavia Octavia


drogoz a lot of stright shooters can counter him pretty easily and even maeve

grover not great healer (does not mean he can ever be good like all the champs im talking about ) but his stun talent is a very good one

jenos is in the weaker teir he is not a good healer but his damage is very good if you dont go illuminary (thats how you spell it i hope)

strix can be very easily countered but if you know what you are doing he can be in S-

moji idk you can put her in A- BCD idc and idk but its prob A- teir

imami she can be very good but that will be once in a blue moon

corvus he cant heal as much as we need him to but can flank ish

octavia she can be good but her damage is just her ult and weapon so she normally does not


Skye Skye
Ruckus Ruckus
Torvald Torvald
Willo Willo
Vivian Vivian


skye she can be SS teir or D teir, i think she and pip are the most whatever the word is called its not comeing to me right now oh varied? maybe champions

ruckus he is not a good off tank or tank

torvald not good tank but is a below average off tank

willow she was good but i think they might have nerfed her and now she is weak as the teir title says

viv can be ok but not really and tip for if she has a shield witch you prob already know but if she has her shield up shoot at her feet


very weak


overly weak


need buff

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