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Patch 2.4

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Free Agent - EU

Damage --> Flank --> Frontline --> Support Alphabetical


Maeve Maeve
Barik Barik
Makoa Makoa
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Ying Ying

Maeve: Just don't play with Street Justice or else I will focus you!

Barik: Going to get buff, even without he is good

Makoa: Pluckmaster intensifies

Mal'Damba: High elo nice pick

Ying: Was good, still is kinda


Bomb King Bomb King
Vivian Vivian
Evie Evie
Terminus Terminus
Jenos Jenos

Bomb King: Funny one

Vivian: Low effort damage

Evie: High skill required

Terminus: Finally without lots of bugs

Jenos: Damage support


Lian Lian
Buck Buck
Torvald Torvald
Furia Furia
Pip Pip

Autoaim Lady: Is good if you land Q

Buck: Was good in OB, but I still like him

Torvald: Pocket support

Furia: Harder to play than Seris

Pip: Pocket flank


Drogoz Drogoz
Talus Talus
Khan Khan
Ruckus Ruckus
Seris Seris

Drogoz: New flanker

Talus: Fun to play unless your team is bad and you got no support

Khan: Pocket healer

Ruckus: Pocket damage/flank

Seris: Low effort healer


Sha Lin Sha Lin
Strix Strix
Zhin Zhin
Ash Ash
Grover Grover

Sha Lin: Just land arrows

Strix: Just know how to use scope and invisibility

Zhin: Still good

Ash: Just tank low dps and ult is escapable

Grover: Just a healer


Cassie Cassie
Moji Moji
Atlas Atlas
Fernando Fernando
Grohk Grohk

Cassie: Damage potential unless you can't land any roll shot

Moji: 1000 dmg at 10 stacks the rest is useless abilities are meh

Atlas: Just a frontline who's support's insult with rewind

Fernando: He was good in OB

Grohk: Not a healer, damage wannabe


Imani Imani
Androxus Androxus
Lex Lex
Koga Koga
Inara Inara

Imani: No skill required

Androxus: Pretty bad easily countered

Lex: Good, in low elo

Koga: Nerfed a lot

Inara: Don't like playstyle


Dredge Dredge
Kinessa Kinessa
Tyra Tyra
Viktor Viktor
Skye Skye

Dredge: Unless you are a fanboy

Kinessa: Like Strix but does more loud sounds

Tyra: Zero mobility means the better the opponents the harder to escape

Viktor: I like him but there is always a counter pick

Skye: She is bad no matter what


Willo Willo

Willo: No


Unranked Champions
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Io Io
Raum Raum
Tiberius Tiberius
Corvus Corvus