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Patch 3.3

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Free Agent - EU

3.4 top tier


Jenos Jenos
Corvus Corvus

Yeah the buffs these guys provide is very impactful


Inara Inara
Io Io
Androxus Androxus
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Raum Raum
Terminus Terminus

Consistently strong with exception of Io and raum. Io only nuts on maps with enclosed points. Raum bad into sha/cassie. He can easily play around support counters like jenos and grover. Term can struggle on some open maps too.


Ash Ash
Vivian Vivian
Strix Strix
Dredge Dredge
Buck Buck
Cassie Cassie
Atlas Atlas
Kinessa Kinessa
Grover Grover

Really solid picks you'd never panic if teammate picks. Hurl dredge really strong.


Furia Furia
Ruckus Ruckus
Viktor Viktor
Moji Moji
Skye Skye
Tiberius Tiberius
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Zhin Zhin
Willo Willo

Pretty good champs in right hands. Moji has nuts dps still. Ruckus great with dive comps though they require lots of teamwork. Skye is there with speed build. It's really good. Tiberius super underrated. Sha great Vs flanks still.


Lian Lian
Imani Imani
Talus Talus
Drogoz Drogoz
Ying Ying
Bomb King Bomb King
Evie Evie

Good into certain matchups/maps. Lian good if other long-range dps gone. Imani too and can duel lots of flanks with inferno cannon. Talus strong console pick still. Drogoz needs skill and combustible still very useful. Fusillade great into some of his counters. Wyrm great for roof abuse but that's banned for tournaments. Ying gives great solo heals or can play focussing lense and spam ults by farming dps on tanks. Bk still good on stone keep/bright. Willo better on Jag now. Evie can still be good if player is good and matchup permits it.


Tyra Tyra
Grohk Grohk
Maeve Maeve

Rarely the best pick. Tyra still very good with dr build but can struggle into pocketed flanks as she has no escape. Grohk playable with any talent. Mael is hard to get value with into double support. Maeve is great in right hands but buck/andro/zhin better. Evie is also more consistently useful at being a distraction.


Seris Seris
Pip Pip
Torvald Torvald

Very situational. Series can do well as dps/hybrid. I think her hybrid playstyle is still really underrated. Insane dmg/ults/early game healing. Pip only good on jag/ice mines. He struggles with all the pot nerfs. Torv is still great at pocketing it's just that's really all he does still.


Fernando Fernando
Koga Koga
Makoa Makoa
Lex Lex

Rarely useful. Nando with shield spam is annoying but is pretty easy to ignore as all he does is shield. Koga good controller pick if there isn't much burst. Koa is not good still. Please don't listen to people who say "koa is good now". Koa can be mediocre if you hit insane hooks consistently. In this meta though, hooking someone even if you're full hp can often cause you to die. Half shell is best talent still. Lex is a very rng character. He does well vs target but is pretty easy to deal with as a team.


Barik Barik
Khan Khan



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