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Patch 5.7

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My purpose is to give mechanic to these champions.


Moji Moji

New Talent: At 1 Health, she dismounts Po-Li, limited to use FAMILIAR SPIT (hand shot), MAGIC BARRIER and BON APPETIT. She can resummon Po-Li by pressing RMB after hitting 10 shots, and every second out of combat reduces the shots needed.

Her mounted health is 2200.

Her dismounted health is 1100.


Corvus Corvus

His ultimate pulls enemies downward, preventing them from overflying it. It hampers enemies attempting to dash within its area by both crippling and doubling their slowdown for 1s.

Movement speed abilities are not hampered by this effect, as seen with Viktor, Jenos, Moji, Raum, Yagorath, Rei, Maeve's Prowl, and Koga's Agility.


Saati Saati

Now enemies can shoot the coin to destroy it, but it doesn't prevent it from exploding. Affected by Bulldozer.

Now DEAD RINGER can shoot coins, dealing 50 damage per ricochet, and it's able to make it explode.

DEAD RINGER will shoot only if there is an enemy or coin in front of it.


Nyx Nyx

Her shield expand up to 60% wider the further they are placed.


Octavia Octavia

Her COMMANDER'S SHIELD passive, now allies generate an shield when over-healed while out-of-combat healing, up to 6% of max health.

Now she has an energy bar to suspend herself in the air.
New: Prosthesis: At 100% energy, jump height is increased, consuming 50% energy.


Caspian Caspian

During his ultimate, whenever Caspian activates WAR, a light screen barrier is created around him. This barrier blocks damage from beyond the range of WAR for 1 seconds. Consuming 2 ethereal swords. Additionally, the ethereal sword will perform a slashing attack after WAR.

Now Caspian can choose between dealing more damage by shooting LOVE or protecting himself from long-range attacks while swinging WAR.





Vora Vora
Talus Talus
Zhin Zhin
Ash Ash
Vatu Vatu
Yagorath Yagorath
Tiberius Tiberius
Skye Skye

Talents Rework

Buff: DEAFENING SILENCE, silence enemy by 2.5s and also increases the horizontal distance of OBLITERATION.

New: FAUSTIAN BARGAIN now allows you to place your rune at a distance and also on walls. You can reactivated after 2 seconds.

Bring back RETALIATION. However, this time Zhin can counter a maximum of 3 attacks. The damage for the first counter is 600, the second is 300, and the third is 300.

BATTERING RAM reduces the casting time of Shoulder Bash by 50%, but reduce it damage by 200.
FORTRESS BREAKER, also Increases Siege Shield's maximum Health by 3000. (Nerf base to 4000).

Buff: OMNIPRESENCE also increases AMBUSH damage by 100.

UNNATURAL PERSISTENCE now increases damage redution while Planted on an objective from 30% to 45%, but it reduces your damage by 25%.


New: PREDATORY INSTINCTS. BLADE DANCE now only costs 50% Ultimate charge but its charges are reduced by 2.

New: DARK GIFTS. Enemies who damage you will be revealed to your marked ally and will take 10% more damage from them for 3 seconds.

New: Smoke and Dagger. Teleport to your Smoke Screen when it lands. Reduce smoke Screen's Charges by 1.

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