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Patch 3.3

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Inara Inara
Vivian Vivian
Viktor Viktor

inara like raum never dies but this time im serious. if theres 1 even bad healer on the inaras team its a free win. theres multiple seige games where theres an afk inara on there team 0 death to winning team its 3-0 then the inara comes back and they dont die once. she actually never dies. her abilities are poorly made. she also does really good damage.

vivian is OMEGA STUPID CRAZY DAMAGE with a SHELD!!! she can be healed an never die dealing crazy damage. a talent that gives her shots MORE damage. loadouts that give her INFINATE ammo and CRAZY speed. and her ult with her crazy damage a sheld and even more damage with a talent GIVES HER NORMAL ATTACK MORE DAMGE that doesnt go away until she usually dies.

viktor is OMEGA STUPID CRAZY DAMAGE with no extra damage or sheld... but he can just INFINITELY RUN AWAY AND HEAL DURING IT. oh yeah he has a talent that makes his gun have amazing range doing more overall damage. he also has an AoE move doing like 750 damage. you think a character like this cant have a good ult... BUT THEN YOU SEE IT AND THINK YOUR IN A NIGHTMARE. also 25% LIFESTEEL WHAT THE FRICKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!


Corvus Corvus
Androxus Androxus
Jenos Jenos

corvus has amazing heals with infinate range and an smg that does a lot of damage and a teleport with crazy range. ult is ok but not useful for damage.

androxus (my main) best flank by using his incredible movement and damage. nether step gets you anywhere. his revolver does crazy damage with quick fire rate. reversal makes you invincible and does good damage but its bad because it takes a while to come out and its glitchy and stuff. his alt overrated at killing groups but destroys health and can get free double kills and triple kills.

jenos can heal through walls use infinate speed to run away be aggressive and camp. now void grip... THAT MOVE IS AN INSTA KILL TO ANYONE HIT BY IT IT IS SO STUPID AND NEEDS NURFED SO BAD. also one of the best alts in the game. STUPID.


Ash Ash
Strix Strix
Kinessa Kinessa
Seris Seris
Zhin Zhin
Terminus Terminus
Io Io

ash... 50% LIFESTEEL. also never dies with good sheld and cooldown resets.

strix and kinessa = no healers + damage on enimy team but can get flanked easily. other than strix he just goes straight up invisible.

seris does CRAZY healing but not amzing damage (still good) meta right now is a good average of both.

zhin flanks never misses and always gets away.

terminus has terrible range but does crazy damage close has a move that makes you invincible and gives you range and a great ult.

io amazing front line healing and luna can take care of other characters and she shreads health.


Raum Raum
Maeve Maeve
Lian Lian
Furia Furia
Cassie Cassie
Tiberius Tiberius
Bomb King Bomb King
Barik Barik
Evie Evie
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Koga Koga
Dredge Dredge

raum never dies.

maeve is impossible to hit but shes really hard to get hits with. pretty good.

lian has great range and close range damage and an ok get away option.

furia has really good healing but bad range for someone who is suppose to stay back and safe.

cassie has stupid damage but hard to hit. knockback can be cheese.

tiderius has 2 ults and 650 per shot BRUH. the leap is a bit to slow to get away.

bk has stupid damge but hard to hit and grumpy bomb is a game changer sometimes.

barik can keep points well but dies kinda easy.

evie has amazing burst and getaway moves.

sha lin can snipe go invisible and is good at 1v1s.

koga is not as good as before but the nerfs are getting to peoples heads. his claws do broken damage but cant get away much but if you want amazing escape options use smgs with still amazing damage. flanking and usually dying does happen a bit though but playing like a damge character might be better. UNDERRATED.

dredge can spam on points and get STUPID damage useless in tdm.


Imani Imani
Tyra Tyra
Drogoz Drogoz
Buck Buck
Makoa Makoa
Grover Grover
Ying Ying
Moji Moji

imani does crazy damage and the best ult in the game but no way to get away at all and really hard to hit ice moves.

tyra terrible range but broken in close range maps.

drogoz good damage but dies really easy.

buck really good at solo kills but TERRIBLE range. really good abilities.

makoa has a lot of sheld cooldown and even with the reset card it isnt quick enough to make him great. anchor = dead.

grover has good healing but cant target heal but other than that pretty average.

ying can have good damage but almost no healing or decent healing and almost no damage.

moji a bit underrated. she can obliterate health but doesnt have great range. good survivability though.


Atlas Atlas
Khan Khan
Lex Lex
Talus Talus
Grohk Grohk
Skye Skye
Fernando Fernando
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba

atlas is slow and cant escape anything other than healing.

khan just kinda meh nothing special.

lex has no good movement options and cant flank.

talus can just deal a bunch of damage and teleport back like he was never there but flanks are suppose to kill not do a bit of damage.

ghrok good damage and decent alt but his healing is bad at healing frontlines like healers are suppose to do but hes honestly not bad.

skye with illuminate can still do a bunch of damage but no way to get away so basically go in and die all the time.

fernando only has fireball for range and decent damage and his sheild isnt amazing.

domba does bad damage with no range alright healing thats super hard to hit hes not the worst in the game because of a card.


Willo Willo
Ruckus Ruckus
Pip Pip
Torvald Torvald

willo has a move that can 1 hit and is amazing but thats the only good thing for her. not great.

ruckus isnt bad... but extremely outshined by every other frontline. not great damage + tankiness.

pip not great moves for escaping and healing is meh.

gramps... we will never forget what he did... other than that he cant take damage like a normal frontline cant tank.




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