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Patch 2.4

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Free Agent - NA

been playing the game for awhile now


Furia Furia

the healing beam is op and not many champs can kick you out of the beam and she has 2 healing options.



Skye Skye
Grover Grover

skye- might not be a technical healer but can put in easy heals with smoke and dagger she can also move around the map very fast.

Grover- has a nice passive heal that you can buff out the area so his healing ability can heal all of your champs in a huge area.


Io Io

IO- the fox got nerfed but still acts as a person so good to use to stall for your tanks to get back she also has a 2nd healing option.


Ying Ying

Ying- she doesnt really get to pick who she heals but she can put in dmg and her alt heals almost the whole map so can be used if you have multi tanks that are hurting.


Seris Seris
Jenos Jenos

Seris- is a sneaky healer but doesn't heal for a lot unless there are multiple people around and it gets lower the farther away you are from the first person she healed. so if they have caut then they wont heal a lot. but she has crazy reach.

Jenos- he has the longest cool down for a heal but you can buff out the heal and it can go thru walls and he can pick up opponents to stall for your tanks while they heal



Grohk Grohk
Pip Pip

Grohk- he is a great pocket healer if you use his healing staff hit totem can stop crowed control but it does get targeted so if you dont buff it out he is a very meh healer.

pip-this stupid rat thing is a good instant heal for alot but he only has one heal but can get to the flanks very quickly so not a good frontline healer.



Mal'Damba Mal'Damba

Mal'Damba- the dumbest double ability healer ever if you miss you have to wait for the cool down and if your tanks are being aggressive your area heal is useless. he is good for stun but if I ever see one on my team they are normally straight up trash

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