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Patch 3.3

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This tierlist is my opinion. I do not claim supreme knowledge of the game nor claim these placements are indisputable. Champions within a rank are not ordered, champions within a class are not ordered. Think of the ranks with the titles I gave them, not by the SS, S+, S, and S-.


Zhin Zhin
Androxus Androxus
Atlas Atlas
Inara Inara
Ash Ash
Terminus Terminus
Raum Raum
Io Io
Jenos Jenos
Corvus Corvus
Strix Strix
Viktor Viktor
Vivian Vivian
Sha Lin Sha Lin

All the Champions are Bannable: Also consistent first picks

Zhin: Survivability, tank killing or great poke w/ guillotine and yomi respectively

Andro: Probably the most consistent flank in the game, verticality, weak to zhin duel but more consistent poke

Atlas: incredible abilities, can be run with big shield and dejavu depending on your teams comp, dmg buff really helped him be competitive

Inara: most consistent point tank in the game, high dr and increased healing w/ 675 per shot makes her a monster on the point

Ash: best brawler, can fight w/ any champion in the game, self-sustain

Raum: high self-sustain, 3 sources of DR, weak to CC, great at holding lanes and making openings for flanks

Terminus: better than inara on ice mines, maybe jag falls, ability to pocket allies w/ siphon, bursty point tank with calamity blasts

Io: luna can cap, enables 5v5 zoning, dr on heal can save in late game

Jenos: luminary buff enables dps carries to carry harder, if you dont believe in your dps, pick corvus, does not need LOS, lift CC

Corvus: heals more than jenos, provides life steal, does not need LOS

Strix: strix is a problem for this scenario; strix is invisible, he hits someone for 1200, 1 second between shots, fires again for 1200. This is 2400 in 1 second because people can not react to the first shot. This is the problem, his fire rate should be reduced to 1.2 sec is my recommendation.

Viktor: Most consistent dmg, burst mode can enable dueling w/ flanks

Vivian: Consistent dmg, burst from mines, shield and movement speed make hard to kill

Sha Lin: cripple arrow w/ explosive talent makes him a chore to dive as a flank, great poke and mid range pressure


Maeve Maeve
Evie Evie
Buck Buck
Khan Khan
Fernando Fernando
Ruckus Ruckus
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Furia Furia
Grover Grover
Bomb King Bomb King
Cassie Cassie
Willo Willo
Tiberius Tiberius
Kinessa Kinessa

Filler Champions: serviceable replacements to fill in for banned champions above or for specific maps

Maeve: great all a rounder, dr, cat burglar burst

Evie: Great poke, weak to intelligent hitscan players who know your blink spots

Buck: pseudo offtank, provides pressure and survivability to steal attention from opposition

Khan: great against Fernando, ash, raum; can brawl but not as effective, ledge maps are strongest for him

Fernando: Aegis can allow backliners to push up, provide pressure by enabling dps, best on level maps

Ruckus: a larger buck, provides great dmg from side lanes, weak to being counter dove

Mal'Damba: the all-around healer, does not do anything broken but heals very well and provides utility with stun

Furia: provides dmg in addition to bursty heals, great ult, weakest against blaster comps who injury multiple allies

Grover: best champ for dual support, provides cripple, dr on heal and self sustain

Kinessa: More dmg per shot than strix, weaker to flanks

Bomb King: most consistent blaster in the game, grumpy bomb stun, can lock down tunnels and narrow lanes

Cassie: still consistent dmg, burst potential with blast shot talent and big game, can be pressured more easily than higher dps

Willo: if the enemy team has no/weak hitscan, picking willo with MB (on a high ground map) can ruin their composition

Tiberius: second to ash in 1v1s, provides great tank pressure and not as susceptible to flanks when he has CT


Koga Koga
Lex Lex
Talus Talus
Makoa Makoa
Torvald Torvald
Barik Barik
Ying Ying
Pip Pip
Grohk Grohk
Seris Seris
Lian Lian
Drogoz Drogoz
Tyra Tyra
Imani Imani
Dredge Dredge

Niche Picks: Pick-able for certain compositions or punishing enemy drafts

Koga: enabled by torv + jenos/corv, provides great consistent smg poke and agility spam; otherwise, not worth it

Lex: discovery enables great 1v1 potential against many champions and sustain, no verticality

Talus: no verticality, can be in multiple places with teleport, weak to grouped up comps

Makoa: shell shield provides for small zone control, if not broken, koa can be counter rushed, can not push lanes as effectively as other off tanks

Torvald: can provide benefits similar to jenos/corvus in enabling carry dps, dont pick if dps sucks

Barik: weakest of the point tanks, shield nerf and lower hp pool with nerf to his healing cards has weakened him

Ying: similar to damba regarding healing, great ult, no utility

Pip: weaker version of buck, better ult

Grohk: closed maps and enemy with multiple bounce targets allows grohk to bring consistent dmg

Seris: soul collector enables an aggressive, 3000 hp, self-sustatining dmg with mobility, ruined by caut and flanks who can follow her

Lian: can bring dmg comparable to other dps, weaker to flanks even with auto aim and snipers

Drogoz: punish pick for no hitscan, similar to willo but less imposing without deadzone

Tyra: similar to lian, better vs flanks, less mobility, mark utility

Imani: fire stance, can surprise flanks with 2000k burst, otherwise weak to dives

Dredge: countered by term, then weak to flyers despite harpoon spam


Moji Moji
Skye Skye

Don't Pick For any Reason: none of these champs do anything worth picking them for

Moji: can burst people, weak to counter pushing, loses most 1v1s, no verticality

Skye: weak to counter pushing, loses most 1v1s, can poke with poison bolts, no verticality







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