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Patch 5.7

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Free Agent - Southeast Asia

I am so proud of this community. (No, not really.) (not rated in any particular order/preference)


Terminus Terminus

Same person:
"F*ck you black c*nt motherfcker."
"You can't even shoot the drogoz you cross eyed waste of oxygen"


Barik Barik

"Can i get some healing please you f*cking ape brain ret*rded sl*t"


Maeve Maeve

"You are all garbage and should have been aborted, i would skin you all alive in person if i could"


Dredge Dredge

"i am going to suicide bomb hirez one day, broken buggy sh*t game"


Khan Khan

Same person:
"useless team"
"i hope you all get sexually assaulted, kys"


Kinessa Kinessa

"these servers will f*ck you harder than any priest ever could"


Pip Pip

"show me your t*ts skye or im staying in spawn"


Yagorath Yagorath

"has anyone else ever f*cked a pumpkin??"


Makoa Makoa

"i will shove this hook up your a*s if you dont get on the point with me you lanky b*tch"


Sha Lin Sha Lin

Same person, something along the lines of:
"fck you , you cant even flank you pointless piece of sh!t. i hope you get hit by a truck on your way to school tomorrow kid, i cant even begin to describe how bad you are at this game. if i could choose whether or not to erase all world hunger or just erase you; i would pick you a million times over"
"dafqnefjqfejvn snivkwknvvwnkjvwnkvknsknvksnvgkhnsfkhhfef43k4hrb4tkf"
"go die"

"quit now and dont ever come back kid"

"if i ever see you again i will have you banned, my dad works for hi-rez"

"you are the most pathetic flank i have ever seen, you make bots look like esports players"

"absfhfhvxsmvbnehgfdbnmdbnjedbkfnknfnksdnkbvbfnvdns,nxb cjbj jgnsfnn"

went on for like 20 minutes.

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