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Patch 3.3

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While grinding Battle Pass challenges, I've done a ton of bot matches. They're definitely not all equal, so here's a tierlist! Only based on my personal experiences with them


Moji Moji

Legit idk what they did to Moji, but she is absolutely cracked out as a bot. Frame perfect barriers every time and will not hesitate to destroy anything. Usually has better stats at the end of the game than at least two players if you're paired with the usual sorts on training. Her biggest weakness is that she almost never follows up on her ult, but that doesn't matter in the face of Familiar Spray and Familiar Spit.


Willo Willo
Evie Evie
Zhin Zhin

Willo is surprisingly good at using Deadzone and Seedling effectively, especially on smaller maps, and will sometimes catch you off guard with her accurate shots (even though she always wastes her ult glitching in place). Evie also doesn't miss and she can shoot while on her broom somehow? She also loves freezing herself and is very, very difficult to kill before she turns into an ice block. Also, for some reason bots can ult multiple times in a row, so Zhin is absolutely deadly. I've seen him wipe out teams with triple ult before. If you hear it, run


Furia Furia
Grover Grover

These guys are the best bot supports by far. Furia spams Kindle Soul as much as possible, while Grover does the same with Blossom. Will force you to buy Caut


Fernando Fernando

Best frontline bot, is surprisingly willing to flank and has frame perfect ults. Biggest weakness is that he tends to put up his shield for half a second and then drops it for no reason, but his ults are legitimately infuriating.


Androxus Androxus
Lian Lian
Tyra Tyra
Maeve Maeve
Inara Inara
Ash Ash

These guys are decent, but still pretty easy to deal with. Andro is obsessed with Reversal, and Lian will multi-ult like crazy. Tyra has pretty decent aim with fire bombs, but not much else. Maeve is terrifying when she pounces because she can double pounce by using Nine Lives literally midair, but when she's on cooldown she's very vulnerable. Inara is a pain only because she's so damn durable, and Ash never misses a shoulder bash.


Barik Barik
Makoa Makoa
Viktor Viktor
Torvald Torvald
Vivian Vivian
Jenos Jenos
Lex Lex
Khan Khan

These guys are all pretty average. Might fuck you up if you get unlucky, but usually you can just tear right through these guys.



Pip Pip

Sometimes gets decent burst healing, but usually just dies first


Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Kinessa Kinessa
Buck Buck
Ruckus Ruckus
Cassie Cassie
Grohk Grohk

Damba always suicides point for some reason?? He's completely ineffective. Kinessa only hits maybe once a match, and the others just don't really know how to use any skills besides shoot. Ruckus is only dangerous when he's ulting


Ying Ying

Literally the worst bot. Drops an illusion and shatters it immediately, then starts going warpspeed with Dimensional Link for no reason??? Usually ends the match with 3k damage and 3k healing. As a Ying main myself, bot Ying is actually the worst

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