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Patch 3.3

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Fernando Fernando
Cassie Cassie
Lian Lian

Fernando: An amazing tank with an equally amazing Ultimate that can easily come in clutch by making you and your teammates immortal for a brief period. Not to mention, Aegis, probably one of the best talents in the game from how much raw value it provides alone, makes him nearly immortal. Unless you make misplays (such as overextending or letting CC hit you), the only realistic way you are dying as Fernando is if at least 3 DPS champs on the enemy team focus you down. A good Fernando also knows how to protect his teammates from incoming fire, as he is a relatively mobile tank, capable of quickly repositioning and deploying his shield to save nearby teammates that are on low-health. Aside from his beastly defensive capabilities, he is also capable of making aggressive plays to some extent, capable of chasing down fleeing squishies with his F and securing the kill. ProbablyBuck one of the most banned champions in Ranked as of current patch. Grohk

Cassie: An incredible damage champion that can easily burst down most squishies' healthEvie down to half instantly by chaining her primary and secondary fire together. Her mobility ability is serviceable, but can easily become a nuisance to deal with when paired with the correct loadout. Her Ultimate provides her and her teammates wallhacks for a modest duration, allowing her to shut down the enemy team from flanking over its duration, as well as giving herself and her teammates the advantage in most duels. Overall, a very potent champion that can easily carry matches... once you've gotten the hang of her projectiles which are almost, but not quite hitscan.

Lian: The notorious "aimbot" champion capable of chaining abilities that automatically hit their target for an easy burst of (usually) unavoidable damage. "Point and shoot" turns into "point into the general direction of the enemy and shoot" when playing as Lian, but you do admittedly have to get good at using her manually-aimed shots in order to truly carry matches with her. She has lackluster mobility, but that is somewhat compensated by her slender hitbox. When played correctly, Lian is very, very difficult to counter.




Barik Barik

Barik: An exceptional point tank that is deceptively hard to kill due to his loadout card that lets him reset the cooldown of his mobility ability, as well as his deployable shield that he can spam relatively frequently. He also boasts relatively high DPS (if you can consistently land headshots with his primary fire). His turrets can also easily become a nuisance if left unchecked.



Pip Pip
Evie Evie
Buck Buck

Pip: A decent hybrid between DPS and Support that can fulfill either roles adequately, but not usually both simultaneously in a single match (though, there may be exceptions at time where you might score exceptional damage and healing in one match). He has considerably high burst healing (Combat Medic LMB + Mega Potion is 1.75k healing at once), especially when combined with his Mega Potion cooldown reset loadout card (which you should be using if you want to be healing as Pip). Generally, however, Pip is outclassed by a fair share of healers in healing, but he still does have a niche as being a decent flank due to his self-sustain and (somewhat) decent mobility that lets him engage and disengage fights, and not to mention his ability to apply Slow to enemies caught off-position to make the task of securing kills easier.

Evie: A nightmare for your teammate's backline, should she be left unchecked. She is probably one of the most agile champions of this game, capable of diving in and out of the enemy team to secure kills or otherwise harass backliners. Her Ultimate allows her to secure kills with ease thanks to its decent duration and Cripple. Although, she is rather weak against Cripple herself, and can be dealt with by hitscan champions.



Skye Skye
Grohk Grohk

Skye: A Flank that unfortunately suffers from a lack of what the class usually has to offer: mobility and brief invulnerability effects. Skye has the unique niche of being a stealth specialist, utilizing abilities to render herself invisible to the enemy team to score ambushes and infiltrate the enemy backline... is what was supposed to be her thing, but now Saati is arguably a much better stealth champion than Skye. Even Soul Collector Seris is probably better as a stealth flank. Nevertheless of her shortcomings, Skye's DPS is nothing to scoff at. During the earlier periods of the game, when Illuminate isn't online, you can easily get the drop on enemies, secure kills, and enter Stealth to run away before the enemy team can muster any form of retaliation against you. That said, however, her poor survivability, due to not having any form of invulnerability or mobility abilities, dampens her greatly.

Grohk: Everyone's favorite blue boi. He's capable of dealing his fair share of damage and can punish enemy teams that have a bad habit of maximizing the damage of Grohk's secondary fire by constantly grouping up together. While his damage may be considered to be rather strong for a support, his healing output, which is further hindered by the additional caveat that allies must be nearby his totems to receive the healing they provide, can leave much to be desired.


Unranked Champions
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