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Paladins Competitive List ( !NOT RANKED FOCUSED! )


Bomb King Bomb King
Inara Inara
Lillith Lillith
Torvald Torvald

Power 4 > Banned or should be picked.

Bomb King: First pick can't take bk well, and second pick can just snatch BK and Makoa in the first rotation.

Inara: Safe core tank, won't lose point fights easily. Super tanky and is too scary on smaller maps.

Lillith: Best support, super tanky, reset fights too easily and lastly does mid damage. Pretty much impossible to lose point prio when you have her.

Torvald: Buff made him effective at being off tank, which he needed for a while. Due to this and what is currently amazing in the meta, he enables a lot of team comps or handles 4 out of the 8 off tanks. ( Forces enemy comp to mega prio wrecker, which delays other important items like resilience, haven, master riding. )


Vatu Vatu
Azaan Azaan
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba
Grover Grover

Staples > These champions are also of high prio with in a draft, but not game defining.

Vatu: Can carry games, but is easy as all hell to shut down. But it forces the enemy team to draft around dealing with vatu, which can be difficult as first pick. ( First pick normally should pick Vatu early, if 3 of the power 4 are banned. Minus the case of Inara being left open. )

Azaan: Bulky aggro tank, gets in easily and has strong retakes. Due to the ability to close people into close area's, even on smaller maps he normally does well enough, to justify picking him early rotation. ( Ideal range is between close to mid range. )

VII Aka Sven: Literally mobility green goblin. If you know rollouts, you have super early dismounts. This in turn make you have more control of the map, allowing your off tank or even main tank to walk where ever they feel like. ( Does struggle if your draft lack the ability to sustain through fights, he normally take a bit of time to get things going. )

Mal'Damba: Safe support, has the numbers. One of the best supports to pick due to the viablity of buck.

Grover: Same reasons as damba, with the added ability to dish out damage from distance.


Barik Barik
Makoa Makoa
Fernando Fernando
Ruckus Ruckus

Team Comp depended > Strong champions if they fit the circumstances.

Barik: Safe to pick as a whole, but sometimes it's better to not prio picking him early due to fernando being equally strong. Barik being more useful from a distance, while having the ability to juggle point. Where fernando has the best ultimate in the game, with the ability to be put more towards an off tank role if required.

Makoa: !DO NOT LET A TEAM GET MAKOA, BOMB KING! Other wise the champion is depended on you wanting to protect backline or not. Since he does struggle really hard into stuff like range comps, due to the inability to catch people with out the use of abilities. ( People normally will out speed makoa in today game, so he require stuff to be with him. Normally refered to as a matching tank. They normally wanna match the opposite team tanks in some form or another, giving space while denying theirs. )

Fernando: Read barik note. Shield bot, can be swapped if needed. Struggles if you don't have prio with healer.

Ruckus: SMOrc.


Buck Buck
Corvus Corvus
Atlas Atlas
Caspian Caspian
Viktor Viktor
Sha Lin Sha Lin

Answers or Counter picks > They exist and are strong depending on opposite team comp.

Buck: Super viable due to the raise of Torvald, but mainly raised to stardom due to the strong picks for backline. He only will struggle with in a game against supports with CC, as of now the game doesn't favor double support set up very well, so buck will have easy targets like. Corvus, Viktor, Strix, Cassie list goes on for dmg, and the good supports not being a great answer to deal with buck either, makes him a super strong 3rd pick, with the ability to follow up with a ban to remove possible counters towards him.

Corvus: Would be a tier above, if not due to buck. DR is still nuts, but he is very easy to pin point and target down. But if you know the enemy team won't have fast dives, he can still be picked over supports like Grover and Mal'Damba.

Atlas: HP buff, answers blasters really well. Handles backline comps like a charm, with out feeling to bad trading blows. He does not like to be up against dive comps, due to his inability to protect the team and himself from constant chaos.

Caspian: Requires tanks to exist for him. And if they do allow space for the caspian, he should 1v5 most games. By far the hardest champion to play the best in a more semi-serious invoirment, but has high potenial due to the insane burst. !NOTE! CASPIAN IS NOT A FLANKER BUT A DPS !NOTE!

Viktor: Safe dps, easy to slot in on 3rd but forces you to ban buck every time. Picking viktor also allows the chance of going double support, due to that he is pretty strong.

Sha'lin: Counter pick to Vatu, VII aka Sven, Evie. TL;DR Flankers go big sad, when big BOOM cripples.


Evie Evie
Octavia Octavia
Lian Lian
Talus Talus
Furia Furia

Good Champions > They aren't out of this world, but they exist and will do well

Evie: Hardest champ in the game, self-sufficient due to the healing. Can duel anyone if your good enough, but as a champion you are very slow to get things going compared to other top tier picks.

Octavia: Will do a good job of dealing with stand off between point tanks, and does really well against mid range or distanced team comps, due to her smoke ability. Her ability to also pick chrono's 1, pretty much cheating out 1500 credit from the start of the game, make her good.

Lian: Good at tagging people constantly, safe vs a lot of the dive champions. Should normally win fights against anything and everything that isn't straight up tanks.

Talus: Hard to play, but he does really well against every tank currently. He doesn't need to be to afraid being focused as well, due to comps forcing the enemy team to get something going on other people beside talus. Easy to punish if you aren't an well trained joystick abuser. ( Aka played enough talus to know which loadouts should be play, in what games. )

Furia: Horrible solo healer, but god double support character. Sometime the option of going solo support furia can happen, due to the possible chance of triple dps, but unlikely to happen in the long run. Her healing is good enough to justify picking her, just for her massive tempo changes with her ulty. Does require characters that have ways of keeping them self in check. ( Having forms of sustain, like Evie, Inara, Viktor. )


Maeve Maeve
Cassie Cassie
Saati Saati
Willo Willo
Strix Strix
Koga Koga
Yagorath Yagorath

Meh > Mid but has their uses

Maeve: Still the best at trading for supports, but has big duel issues against recent additions into the meta. Her damage is also very weak if you aren't looking to take fights fast, which in turn nets to getting nothing done in a lot of cases.

Cassie: She provides the role of a mid dps that won't ever suck into anything specific. Big game is in fact a good talent currently, which makes her better then A-.

Saati: Queen of taking duels has kinda falled off a bit, but she still should normally win straight up duels against every champion in the game that isn't a tank. Bad thing is that the clone talent isn't possibly the way to go anymore, forcing her into taking dmg amp on F instead.

Willo: Not answered, can mega stomp games. Helps with deathball strats and acts as a possible way of dealing with Inara on some of the more forward Barik/Willo maps.

Strix: Walking. Flanking. Stealth. Tank. Boi! Hard to master, but shits on a lot of the top tier picks. Man just get to counter against buck.

Koga: Double support only viable.

Yagorath: Fernado with Yag can be difficult to deal with on close maps, while also yag being a really hard champion to kill if enemy don't draft good enough damage to deal with her. She is mega stinker vs Double support, to such a level that make her pretty unpickable in a lot of cases. So if she get picked, it's mostly gonna be towards the last pick.


Ash Ash
Kinessa Kinessa
Betty la Bomba Betty la Bomba
Tyra Tyra
Lex Lex
Raum Raum
Vora Vora

Map depended > Only worth picking depending on map

Ash: Queen of bazaar, with drafts that target tanks more she can be picked. But overall she is underwhelming.

Kinessa: You aren't allowed to play the game with the top tier champions. Vatu,VII... aka Sven, Azaan will ruin your day. But if enemy comp don't have means to stick multiple people on you, kinessa is still very pickable. Just isn't likely to happen much.

Betty La BOMBA!: She has currently 3 maps. Ice mines being her best, Stone keep being a close second. She does not exist else where really, but just on those 2 maps. She can single handly win games due to her insane damage potenial.

Tyra: Mark Tyra is only thing viable. Triple dps or double support make her super stronk in some games, with her inability to move herself around easily, she often times find herself getting caught which make her weird to pick up within drafts.

Lex: If you have a mark on a dude, and you are fighting said dude. Lex is the strongest champion in the game... Problem is, that you won't have everyone marked and a lot of the times is a bit of a gacha hell to get the people you actually want. ( Often time the mark going on the person that killed you, can be pretty bad. In fact often time is bad in team envoirment. )

Raum: Super broken left uncontested. Teams won't ever draft stuff that doesn't deal with raum tho...

Vora: Self-sufficient, deals with none shield champs well, does answer buck to some extent and does not straight up lose you the game :thumbsup:


Skye Skye
Grohk Grohk
Drogoz Drogoz
Seris Seris
Jenos Jenos
Khan Khan
Vivian Vivian
Moji Moji
Dredge Dredge

One in a blue moon > Good enough to pick, but extremely situational to a point where they might get picked once every 7 games.

Skye: Answers Azaan.

Grohk: Double support andy

Drogoz: Good on ice mines, left uncontested should win games.

Series: If enemy comp is literally filled to the brim with dive.

Jenos: Double support andy, works well with triple dps as well.

Khan: If you are put into a situation where khan get picked, the draft went in some weird ass direction.

Vivian: Joystick abuser.

Moji: Shockingly answers Caspian and handle Buck decently.

Dredge: I throw harpoon :) I Place TP in spawn :) :)


Pip Pip
Androxus Androxus
Ying Ying
Nyx Nyx
Rei Rei
Zhin Zhin

Sad squad > Bugged or lack numbers to justify being picked

Pip: Bugged > Catalyst
Support pip is decent, but pip sucks due to him being forced to be only support with in a draft. Get countered way to hard by dive.

Androxus: Bugged > Dark Stalker
Damage nerf hurt him, losing the ability to burn as well hurt him. So the numbers aren't in his favor. But he would be decent if Dark Stalker worked as intended.

Ying: Pure support, but adds nothing else.

Nyx: Numbers suck.

Rei: Numbers suck.

Zhin: Numbers suck.


Kasumi Kasumi
Terminus Terminus
Imani Imani
Io Io
Tiberius Tiberius

Terrible > I don't need to explain why they are bad. They are just straight up bad, don't even bother trying to make em work minus MAAAAAAAAAAAAAYBE Tib aka Tony.

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