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Barik Barik
Raum Raum

Large, robust dwarven breasts.

Raum is a juicy piece of meat. His breasts aren't as thicc as Barik's, but those flat, expansive slates of hardened, hell-muscles are laid bare for all to see.


Pip Pip
Bomb King Bomb King

Pepper skin is stacked as hell, and considering her actual body size, her breasts are 40% her entire body mass. Look it up.

Based on the curviture of her spherical frontal armor, there is a 99% chance BK is a female android with very large gazubmas.


Skye Skye
Ying Ying
Evie Evie
Io Io
Inara Inara

Due to their either small size or slim, noodle-esque stature, they appear stacked as hell.

Inara, the opposite - with her large frame she can support veritable watermelons (star sister skin; battle byte skin).


Seris Seris
Imani Imani
Furia Furia
Khan Khan

On the thiccer side, these busty gals have their own appeal, but their breasts are smoller (relatively). (Imani also comes with a free dragon, of an indeterminate sex. So far).

Khan is a more slender version of BK. Her armor hides a blossoming, unexplored valley.


Lian Lian
Vivian Vivian
Ash Ash
Cassie Cassie
Torvald Torvald

Lian, Viv, and Cassie are all the same. Standard (for a virtual world).

Ash has yet to have a revealing skin but we can summize based on her frame and armor's curvature that she is hiding more than just dat Ash' ass.

Torvold is old and flabby, but flabby means more grabby.


Tyra Tyra

Idk, smaller than A+ category but could still motorboat. If you can pass her moat of fire, that is.


Kinessa Kinessa

I struggled with Kinessa, but she simply doesn't have enough revealing skins to make a real determinaiton as of yet. But she appears slightly smaller than Tyra.



Maeve Maeve

Maeve, with thee exception of her deamonette skin, is a smoll, scrappy girl with an annoying accent. Little in the way of assets aside from an infinite amount of knives she pulls out of her ass.


Willo Willo
Talus Talus
Moji Moji
Ruckus Ruckus

She is a twig I could snap in half across my leg. Not even qualified as mosquito bites.

Talus is an under aged child.

Moji is idfk.

Ruckus is the opposite of Pepper - his head is 80% of his body mass.

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