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Patch 3.3

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Free Agent - Southeast Asia

after being forced to play frontline so many damn time i decided to create this tierlist from my own experience playing with and deal all of them


Azaan Azaan
Ash Ash

The outright Overpowered
: the almighty himself, he have everything mobilty damage and knock up CC his wall is deployable so they have to spend credit on one item just to counter 1 guy he's OP as hell.

Ash : I also put Ash here because she can be a one woman army in a right hand and sometime can win you the round with her pushes just pick BIG FUCKING SHIELD AND NOTHING ELSE and there you go one woman army Ash also have AOE cannon good for helping damage flying champions and damage anyone behind the shield


Khan Khan

The Very strong tier
: AKA SPACE MARINE pick him and use either vortex grip if you want to be in the capture point and let your imperial guard to PURGE THE HERETIC for you or storm of bullets when you don't want to be in the capture point and wants to PURGE THE HERETICS by yourself


Raum Raum
Atlas Atlas
Makoa Makoa

Fairly strong tier
: the heavy weapons guy, go full tank on him<heaven/life rip/veteran/>and hold mouse 1 and occasionally mouse 2 and he will sustain for days
Atlas : very annoying CC and the indestructible shield and he can send you to shadow realm for a bit to set up the chain for your team to finish them the problem is his weapon is hard to use
Makoa : versatile frontline he can be anything, want to close the gap? there's your hook want to flank people? there's your hook but now you can use your ult for something meaningful, want to help your endangered support? there's your hook , hooks are everything for makoa so make it count.



Fernando Fernando
Barik Barik
Terminus Terminus

Good but not so strong
: in a right hand and have another tank on your team fernando can ruin your day by not being run around the map cosplay as TF2 pyro and burn your ass from behind
: all of his talents are useful but not as versatile as makoa his turrets are projectile not hit scan barik is surprisingly good at close range depends on your mouse movement
Terminus : our one and only melee character, surprisingly good at flanking enemy and smack them with your BIG ASS STICK


Inara Inara
Yagorath Yagorath

Both of them are not bad but being too map dependent
: can be a pain in the ass if she's picked in the right map like brightmarsh, her kit is not that good to be used at every map.
Yagorath : same as inara but now she's stationary she's good at controlling the point with her acid spit, hard to play but not as rewarding as inara.



Torvald Torvald

: other than being support-ish frontline character he doesn't have any kit to fight without being too close to anyone his silence range is too short his damage is fuck all, but he does have some use countering every shield frontline and it's much more useful than anything below this tier


Ruckus Ruckus

The outright terrible
: oh you we came a long way haven't we? rukkus sucks he doesn't have enough damage to justify his kit you can choose between more shield 1 extra dash or 1 more rocket


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