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Makoa Makoa
Barik Barik
Khan Khan
Buck Buck
Evie Evie
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba

Perfect or almost perfect game design, need little or no change:

Makoa - Very good off tank, requires skill to hook, when kills you it seems fair. Punishes wrong positioning. The basic kit is very good. 2 of 3 talents are viable, maybe the third one that buffs his ultimate needs to be revisited.

Barik - Very good main tank, can deal great dmg if player is skilled. All talents are viable.

Khan - A very fun off tank, I like his character and game design. His talents aren't so unique but at least they are all ok. The most fun ultimate in the game

Buck - Despite being a snowball champ, requires a lot of skill and game-understanding so if he gets a penta, it never seems unfair. Perfect balance of talents - all of 3 are absolutely viable and should be an example of it.

Evie - Fair, great, amazing (us Buck). It's sad that Wormhole isn't very used anymore, maybe it needs a little little little more love.

Mal'Damba - Perfect high skill support who seems weak because other supps are the problem (too busted). Devs should not touch him as they did with his speed boost card.


Bomb King Bomb King
Drogoz Drogoz
Androxus Androxus
Grohk Grohk

Very good game design, very powerful in certain situations thanks to it:

BK - Grumpy bomb talent is very bad (and buggy), for the rest very good high skill bluster.

Drogoz - Situational but good kit. All 3 talents are viable. I personally don't like his ultimate, would prefer something more unique rather than a bland execution (often too hard to get).

Androxus - Defiance talent is bad, for the rest his kit is solid. Reverse spam can be annoying but isn't good against good players.

Grohk - Since Open Beta he was trash healer but he was fixed (everything can be done ye). Maybe his heal is too strong because supports are generally too strong. If slightly nerfed, can be perfect.


Fernando Fernando
Inara Inara
Atlas Atlas
Raum Raum

Good kit but it's delicate to balance:

Fernando - Probably his basic kit is very strong (big shield but also can do a lot of dmg) so often when devs balance him he's or top tier or low tier. Charges his ult too fast. Formidable is horrible. For the rest he is great since he's versatile (can be main or off tank) and fun.

Inara - Tremors is horrible. Sometimes it can be not fun to play against an unkillable sponge because strong supports heal her. However, Yago exists and it's waay worse in these cases. For the rest is very solid.

Atlas - 2 of 3 talents are viable. High skill tank with a very interesting weapon and abilities. The only letdown is his ultimate since most of the times it's useless and can even harm your team.

Raum - He is niche by design and I don't see nothing wrong with it. He has a solid but a situational kit and purpose, all of his talents are kinda viable (the most boring is a moral boost on steroids but it's ok). His support talent is my favorite. Maybe he's too strong against new players but this way they will grow, study items, builds and so on...


Ash Ash
Terminus Terminus
Nyx Nyx
Cassie Cassie
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Pip Pip
Rei Rei
Moji Moji

There are some flows but at least they rarely destabilize the game:

Ash - The main problem is that her kit is too boring imho (when the enemies buy Unbound you just wait to ult to do something exciting). Movement ability talent is too basic. I would prefer something more interesting like idk, her ultimate takes less to charge and is weaker but effects allies. Little flag game talent but idk, i repeat.

Terminus - All 3 of his talents are too basic. Buggy. His ult is sometimes to easy to block, I would slightly buff radius or something. Depends too much from Nimble, Speed boost buffs and so on. This makes him less versatile on items and cards. For the rest he can be fun.

Nyx - Her kit reflect an old trend: New heroes always get more and more overwhelming kits. She does too much things imho and it's not so easy. However, it can be exciting and powerful kit (but i prefer her counterpart from you know where)

Cassie - I don't like neither her Right Click shot nor her Q blast shot. It's Lian-like (ergh...) style abilities but at least without aimbot. Instead she need one ability that would REVEAL people. If her only reveal is her ult, it's not a good reveal champion and her ult is pointless. Maybe a talent that changes her ult or makes her a real reveal champion would do (since it's situational).

Sha Lin - Talents are good except for his Silence. His kit is solid for defense situations. His ult is too old-style Paladins and he lacks vertical mobility (maybe wall climbing like Koga?).

Pip - heals too much and I would like for Flank Pip version to be stronger. Maybe it's better to make him more as a support rather than a healer. Megapotion is too strong, it PARTIALLY should be in his basic kit maybe.

Rei - You don't control your heal, it just bounces. She's like Ying mostly (a heal bot without CC). For a rest, it's not a bad kit (Envelope is very unique for example) and her card which makes the enemies to do 20% less dmg is something I would like to see more in Paladins.

Moji - I really really like her rework, but we need some time to see if it's good. As any support, maybe a little bit too strong. Her ult seems to be disconnected from this new healer kit (as a defense from dive it's not so great), maybe it would be better if the cookie could be eaten by allies too??? Idk. You would need to animate it also...


Ruckus Ruckus
Azaan Azaan
Willo Willo
Maeve Maeve
Vatu Vatu
Koga Koga
Jenos Jenos
Ying Ying
Corvus Corvus

Some mistakes were made for sure (but it's not so hard to fix them):

Ruckus - His talents are bland except for Aerial Assault that probably need to be in his basic kit. In Open Beta his shield would help allies, reveal enemies and slow them. I would like to some of these features to return.

Azaan - Personally his character is meh (he should be a good guy but he's too eccentric i don't understand him). His kit is very fun and interesting but his talents are teeeeerrible.

Willo - Great concept of an anti-healing bluster. I personally just hate her character design (pls delete the line, it's cringe). Except that and her bad right click build, that's it. Wings buff is perfect.

Maeve - Street Justice is so bad, without it Maeve would be higher on this tier list. It's a bad game design, because a flanked doesn't need to execute tanks. I would prefer a talent that changes her ult, for example, since it's weird and disconnected from her kit. Idk, for example after pressing ult her right click has only 1 sec cd but doesn't do any dmg and if touches people, it puts them on sleep. Rn you press E mostly to escape but if you have, let's say, BK on your team, your ult is useless because your enemies bought Unbound.

Vatu - I think that the most wrong thing about him is that devs are inflating the game with high mobility characters but VII is the worst example of it. High skill flanker with a solid build, a little bit too similar to Maeve.

Koga - Great design, I really love this champ, but he has a typical issue for someone with two types of gun - it's difficult to balance two weapons between them. I would add a talent that increases dmg of claws if you hit enough of your machine gun shots and vice-versa so people are incentivized to use both of them. Ult talent is trash and claw talent against new players (in early game at least) is deadly. Potentially he can have many viable game styles.

Jenos - Old Luminary was a great concept but was abused especially combined with Torvald's bubble (ergh...). Jenos needs to become a real support (and it's moving toward this direction) and not a healer. His ult should do more dmg since it's countered by Arcane Warden.

Ying - Heals too strong but this problem is common. Except that, her illusions explosion and specifically Resonance seem worst part of her kit. I personally think it's just unfixable and current Resonance should be removed (it either useless or OP and uncounterable). Maybe if explosion healed allies instead of dealing dmg it would be great.

Corvus - Has a very interesting kit, great mobility and can be a healer and support. They are only 2 problems with him. First, he is buggy. Second, his ult isn't great. It would be great if it also healed allies or empowered them for example. Spreading Influence is the only interesting talent for me.


Viktor Viktor
Tiberius Tiberius
Strix Strix
Kinessa Kinessa
Vora Vora
Lex Lex
Skye Skye
Seris Seris
Lillith Lillith

Just mid, that's it:

Viktor -Is the definition of "mid". Cardio is horrible game design and Q talent is just too old. Nothing else to say. After all, we need new player friendly champions.

Tiberius - Mid. I would rework 2 of his 3 talents, maybe it would make him more interesting.

Strix and Kinessa - I think it was a mistake to introduce a second sniper in the game. It's already hard to balance a sniper + talents + cards, but since there are 2 of them, they need to be balanced at the same time. It's not the case at the moment, let's hope that some of their card and talents will be revisited.

Vora - You don't have full control of your weapon since it's in a sequence and for me it's no good. The rest of her kit is very unique. She was designed to be a good duelist and she is such. 2 of 3 talents are viable.

Lex - When a champion has an aimbot ability, it's a bad sign. Q button probably should be just a passive so he gets a real ability. Also i find Death Hastens problematic. I really prefer it to his basic gun but if I choose Death Hastens, I don't get a real bonus, just a different type of gun. Meh.

Skye - flanker but not a real one, healer but not a real one, her talents are basic or just bad. I'd get rid of healing talent entirely.

Seris - Her talents are bad. It would be nice for her to have a game style without just a brainless healing spam. Her ult is underwhelming since it's easy to block it (like Terminus, Dredge, Omen ult....)

Lilith - It's too early since her rework, I hope it improves previous problems. She was too strong and she had too much sustain. If balanced properly, she can be higher on this tier list.


Saati Saati
Tyra Tyra
Zhin Zhin
Talus Talus
Io Io
Grover Grover
Furia Furia


Saati - As a Saati main, it hurts to say but I can play an enter match without using coin or invis once. Her gun is however majestic and the energy bars are a great idea. Her ult is fun. I'm glad that coin was reworked but maybe it's not enough to make it a serious tool in 99% of the cases. Her cards are very bad and her invis should be more powerful since invis was nerfed globally.

Tyra - Uninspiring kit that creates too many problems; Q is or OP in some comps, or totally useless in others. Same for the mark. Basic ult. The only healthy part is her right click talent but with HP and DR cards, it becomes too much. Can we say it? She's just a second Viktor.

Zhin - Uninspiring talents. 3 escape abilities is too much. When he can use them, he's untouchable. When they are all on cd, he dies. He was created just to annoy people. At least some Zhin players have fun playing him (but mostly new players).

Talus - Annoying. Without aim assist he is bad. Faustian bargain (I personally like it) was nerfed years ago and wasn't really viable since. Can be buggy, right click isn't fully fixed yet. However, I like his normal cards since you are balancing between DR and Life Steal. Since caut exists, DR is generally better but still, it is a nice try.

Io - It's a real shame that Luna can not capture obj anymore. I would prefer other aspects of Io to be nerfed but with this feature coming back. Her ult isn't great and is strange for a support. Her stun can be frustrating since it's almost automatic. Also I don't like Sacrifice game style, it's too weird. It's like the game rewards you if you have a bad positioning or too cocky, it's not a great concept.

Grover - You need to be near your allied but your dmg increases on distance. Makes zero sense. Also they changed his right click cripple a bazillion time. Same for his Q healing, Grover is fun but can be improved.

Furia - She was changed even more often than Grover, maybe because her basic kit is too strong and difficult to balance (so is Cherish). Heal aimbot is sometimes too buggy,


Torvald Torvald
Lian Lian
Caspian Caspian

More than just problematic:

Torvald - In Open Beta he could suck other shields to build his and it was great. Also his bubble seems to be always the problem. It needs a rework. Maybe instead of a cd on bubble, it would consume his energy shield... This way it would be a trade-off instead of the spam. Only a radical change can resolve this problem for good.

Lian - Lian is a very hated champion but in theory she isn't so bad. Her left click require constant aim and Q is difficult to hit. Her ult is just a decent tool for duels. The problem are the other 2 abilities. They should be reworked or probably nerfed (like they already did it but slightly). If both aimbots made 100 or 200 dmg, no one would cry about it. Also, Q is too buggy and it's a real shame because it's the only ability that Lian players use to show that they have a real aim. Other proposal would be to nerf aimbot dmg, for example to 100, but it increases by 100 after every successful normal shot (for example until 500 dmg). It could be a new Precision since that isn't really used rn.

Caspian - Removing stun was the worst thing ever because Q is hard to hit and now it doesn't reward the player at all. Buff to movement ability was spotted on. His kit is one of my personal favorites but most of the time it was or OP or trash so it's not really healthy for the game. The problem is how his two weapons synergy. His left click is a poke slow dmg which is very bizarre for a FLANKER. Maybe his weapons should be revisited (also his talents).


Yagorath Yagorath
Imani Imani
Kasumi Kasumi

Special ones:

Yago - Probably the most unique hero in the game but I still don't understand her purpose. If she is sponge for a lot of dmg, there are Inara, Raum, that are more healthy versions of this type of a role. If she is an off tank, there are a lot of alternatives too. She's too strange to balance, devs just created a headache for themselves.

Imani - Buggy. Many devs decision about her are questionable. She either dominates or is destroyed. All was this way. The ult is too weird too but at least it's cool.

Kasumi - Not a flanker for sure. The concept is interesting however the realization is questionable. She's buggy. She still has an AIMBOT but a slighter version. Probably needs more than one rework to get real attention.

VII - His mobility will be always too much. If you remember old BK that could jump all other the map, this is that we are talking about. It was removed for a reason. Also he has THREE different weapons and usually you use only one, 3 guns are unbalanced between each other. Overcharged is one of the worst talents and so on...


Vivian Vivian
Octavia Octavia
Dredge Dredge
Betty la Bomba Betty la Bomba

Worst designs that have nothing of unique or interesting:

Omen (no picture sry) - If devs ran out of ideas, it's better just to ask the community and not to copy. Horrible champion design and copied kit. After numerous fixes at least they made him playable.

Vivian - Third Victor but with shield and mines. Wow!

Octavia - Forth Victor but a little bit of a support. Wow!

It's concerning when your passive is the most exciting part of your kit.

Dredge - At least he has personality. His kit......... I have no words for it. It's just brainless spam.

Betty - Like Dredge but woman

Dredge and Betty can actually be slightly improved if you add a REAL ricochet + bonuses when you use it so they require more skill. However, that would not be enough.

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