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Patch 3.3

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Free Agent - NA


Barik Barik
Raum Raum
Drogoz Drogoz

Barik is bae. Deal with it.

Raum is SS if no counters. Bc beefy as Shrek wrapped up in a beef burrito. If counter(s), then he's whatever the opposite of not-fcking-dying is.

Wyrm Jets Drogoz is invincible. If there is no hit scan. So he's actually F- tier always but I'm a one trick Drogoz so yeah.


Grohk Grohk
Seris Seris
Zhin Zhin
Jenos Jenos

Blue Shrek with a million totems, Ghostwalk, and resets is a pain in the ass to kill

Seris with right talent has 3.1k hp, self heals, and retreat. Don't duel her with anything less than 1k DPS. You're gonna have a bad time

Zhin is a slippery ass hole with 75% of hit kit built around enemies screaming "He's 1! He's fcking 1!" every 10 seconds

Jenos by virtue of the fact he's healing while in spawn so he's always on like a 420+ streak. Can't kill what's not there.


Buck Buck
Koga Koga
Skye Skye
Inara Inara

Buck is one BULCKY boi. Fcking DR + self heals + max HP cap increase

Koga, nothing to say I haven't said already on my shit-list. Multiple CC cleansing dashes, self heal, in-built 30% rejuv, more of the same.

Skye with supp talent is basically battle seris but worse

Inara + mothers grace + dedicated supp = Over 9000 point time


Maeve Maeve
Dredge Dredge
Kinessa Kinessa
Talus Talus
Corvus Corvus

Maeve is dashy dashy jumpy jump healy DR neko

Why is Hirez obsessed with teleportation? Like holy shit


Viktor Viktor
Lian Lian
Pip Pip
Moji Moji

Victor with sprint talent is, precaut, without CC, is a pain to kill.

Lian is unkillable bc she kills you before you kill her

Pip is pip but caut exists. Eventually.

Moji has invincible shield + a ton of (cauterization) hp regen.


Atlas Atlas
Io Io
Evie Evie

Atlas literally rewinds his ass back to full hp

Anyone else notice way more sacrifice IO players? That sht annoying

Evie is a mosquito. Buzzing around buzz-buzz fucker


Khan Khan

Dmg immune shout, in-and-out shield, tiny tic-tac head, man is good at not dying


Terminus Terminus
Furia Furia
Fernando Fernando

Atlas but brings himself back from literally 0 hp

Furia: "Oh you're about to kill me? Take this giant pillar up your ass"

Nando is sexy terminus, but also for his team



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