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Vora Vora
Yagorath Yagorath
Nyx Nyx
Lillith Lillith
Raum Raum
Dredge Dredge

They got caught eating babies and turns out they'd been doing it for months but they hid it for so long by saying they we're going out to have "brunch".

Vora and Yago - Proceeded to eat 10 more babies after their jail time was done, yet to be caught by the police. ( i highly doubt they have police in the realm if they've got dragons and bombs and whatever the fuck willo is, just wandering around.)

Nyx and Lillith - Found Vora and Yago munching kids as if their life depended on it (atp it probably did) and decided to join them in their shenanigans every friday night.


Torvald Torvald
Drogoz Drogoz
Zhin Zhin
Sha Lin Sha Lin
Talus Talus

Torvald - Is openly a pedophile and goes to primary schools/kindergartens and sniffs the toliet seats because it gives him fresh 'Ideas' for his inventions.

Drogoz - Is a literal gold greedy dragon what more is there to say.

Zhin and Sha lin - Killed a family of 4 that were way to school, they later got hit by the school bus the children were getting on.

Talus - Was apart of the family of 4.


Lian Lian
Rei Rei
Maeve Maeve
Evie Evie
Mal'Damba Mal'Damba

Lian and Rei- A private call with them got leaked on discord and they were slagging everyone off in the Magistrate (specifically kept calling Vivian and Octavia a F*ggot, Lesbo, Freak).

Maeve - Got caught sniffing cocaine and vaping in an alleyway, someone took a picture of her and blackmailed her with it.

Evie - Was the person blackmailing.

Mal'Damba - His snake once bit his boss at work and he got fired IMMEDIATLEY, it took ages for him to get another job because no one wanted to work with a "ratty snake tw@t" so he had to live on the streets collecting scraps off the floor and he used to have to battle pigeons on the sidewalks for a bit of a sausage roll.


Bomb King Bomb King
Betty la Bomba Betty la Bomba
Imani Imani
Grohk Grohk

BK and Betty - Betty forced him into terrorising schools every Wednesday afternoon. It's now a weekly thing they have going for them.

Imani - Accidentally burnt Lian's wig off and she had a fit, aswell as all her followers. Lian then got Khan to 'finish her business' which then resulted in Khan going to Imani's house and stealing her pet dragon's favourite toy.

Grohk - Said a slur by accident because his tribe says it's acceptable, it in fact wasn't and no one approved of him saying the n word.


Ying Ying
Skye Skye
Koga Koga

Ying - Had s*x with her illusions for views but she got cancelled for 'Queer-bating' however most of her fans didn't care and sent her £1000 every time she did it.

Skye - Snuck into her highschool crushes' house and knocked him/her with a posion bolt and made them have unconscious s*x with her. Whilst she was running away from the crime she committed, Zhin caught her and put her in jail for shits and giggles. Skye now has to post only fans videos of herself to make money.

Koga - Wanted to be included with Skye's only fans but she wouldn't let him because he's 'too ugly for it'. This led to him chasing after clout by doing the most horrendous, nonhuman-like, monsterous pranks so he could get some recognition from Skye. However these pranks weren't actually that bad, the worst thing he did was paint Zhin's toes pink.


Jenos Jenos
Kasumi Kasumi
Androxus Androxus

Jenos - Someone spread a rumour of him hurting Luna (io's dog thing) and all of io's fans created a twitter hashtag which was #Justice4Luna #KillJenos #JenosSlander. io did not approve of her followers for this, and turns out the person who created the rumour was Vora.

Kasumi - Has a dead people kink (necrophilia) and someone called her out on it, however she just gained more fans from this. Thus creating a 'Necrophilia safe space for ghosts and spirits alike!!' on facebook

Androxus - He is openly rascist, homophobic and furryphobic but no one can do anything to stop him cause no one actually knows who he is under his mask. Has once committed mass murder against gays and he's currently on the run


Caspian Caspian
Seris Seris
Saati Saati
Viktor Viktor
Corvus Corvus

Caspian - Purposely tries to get cancelled with Saati because he thinks it's 'Amusing' however no one ever takes him seriously for it. He once went a bit too far with it and poured a lynx deodorant can into Seris' eyes making her blind and then he actually got cancelled.

Saati - Was trying to get cancelled and as soon as she got exposed for drinking and driving she went down hill so quickly, most people found this hot though so she continued to do more things. For example, she leaked Skye's toe pics from only fans and sold them for £100 per toe and also pretended to join Vora in ending the realm cause she thought it was funny but she actually got proper cancelled for this and no one liked her afterwards.

Viktor - Is openly a H*tler stan and said he'd finish his job for him

Corvus - He said "white lives matter". His dad had to have a private chat with him on why saying things like that isn't okay


Tiberius Tiberius
Willo Willo
Terminus Terminus
Inara Inara

Tiberius - When someone disrespects him in anyway shape or form he calls them slurs in french so no one knows what he's saying, however Maeve managed to find out what he was doing and leaked it on twitter and he quickly became hated on. Turns out he called io a 'Dingbat bonehead priss' because she called him a knock of Luna. The io stans obviously weren't having it so they called animal control on him as a joke but they actually took him in and now he's in a pet constitution.

Willo - She makes hanahaki fanfics of my hero academia characters, or gacha videos except they're all incredibly cringey. She once put herself into a gacha music video of that one 'fight song', the video was about her standing up to her bullies and it was edited with those horrible filters on (yk the weird flowers and bubbles and what not). She has also tried making one of those appreciation videos for her friends but it's really bad and people bully her for it.

Terminus and Inara - Someone spread a rumour that they dated and loads of people went crazy over them, turns out they hooked up together once but inara got bored of it so she instead she decided to do public nudity except she was disguised as a statue because that was normal in her home town.


Lex Lex

Lex - Constantly saying slurs but no one cares about him enough to do anything. He's probably really homophobic but he says "It's not gay if I wear socks!!".


Io Io
Furia Furia
Azaan Azaan
Fernando Fernando

Their stans are too powerful to let them be cancelled.

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